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It’s All About The Brushes

When I first got my hands on this make-up brushes set, aptly titled It’s All About The Brushes, designed by make-up artist Caroline James for my wonderfully creative and inspirational friend Georgina Jones, founder of Bathing Beauty line of skincare products, I knew that I was holding something truly unique, born out of passion and striving for perfection of two very accomplished and talented women, in my hands.

brush box front and back

After 18 months of design, Georgina and Caroline launched it a few months ago, during the trade show in Olympia, doing it with pride but immense modesty as well. And since that moment on, I have rediscovered the joy of applying my make-up not just with my fingers but with professional brushes, guided by a wonderful expert, whose instructions are printed on the box. But why don’t I let Caroline tell you all about it, in her own words?!

How it all began: George meets Caroline

”Amazingly, despite modelling in Milan, Paris and London for eight years, Bathing Beauty founder George Jones and myself had never met, that is until we moved to North Wales!


It was on the Osteopathic Table, at George’s Clinic, during a treatment session, that we discovered our mutual past. George had been considering a range of makeup brushes, determined to make them cruelty free and vegan in line with Bathing Beauty’s founding principles. However, she realised she was lacking the technical expertise.

I was also looking to design my very own range of brushes and happened to start talking about them. This was a collaboration waiting to happen !

Caroline James, the make-up artist story


I did my training over 20 years ago at Greasepaints, a highly acclaimed School of Makeup in London and then embarked on a career from which I have never looked back.

Having achieved international success in a job which is challenging, demanding and incredibly rewarding, I had the pleasure of working with some of the music industry’s most influential artists, Hollywood stars and TV and sports personalities,  like Paul McCartney, Minnie Driver, Caro Emerald, Marianne Faithful, Danii Minogue, Alice Cooper, Sir Tom Jones, Steps and SClub 7.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the bottom of the North Sea in a gas rig, I have taken on many challenges and had some incredible experiences, whilst doing a job I love and which enables me to show off my enthusiasm and creative flare with Makeup.

brushes open

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