Let It Glow: in time for festive season Ellis Faas launches Glow Down & improves packaging

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Ellis Faas: spring is in the air and your eyes are looking pretty

Spring is the time for rejuvenation and experimenting with your make up, making sure your skin switches from cold winter mode-finally !!! and I can’t believe I am saying it on the last day of April !! -to a warmer routine.

Ellis Faas, the make-up artist who doesn’t rest on her creative laurels, added seven new shades to her popular Creamy Eyes formulation, making it a cool total of 21 shades for you to choose from, to suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour, as well as your mood and the degree to which you want to feel funky, subtle or edgy:


Deep Black (E103), Grey Brown (E104), Deep Warm Taupe (E105), Lilac Taupe (E106), Taupe (E107), Desert Beige (E108), Creamy White (E109)
Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint Green (E117), Light Blue (E118), Yellow Ochre (E119)
Deep Purple (E123), Teal (E124), Khaki Green (E125), Warm Brown (E126), Ginger Freckle (E127), Old Pink (E128) and Peachy Skin (E129)

Upon application to your eyelids, Creamy Eyes transforms from a liquid to dry, velvety texture and dries up pretty quickly ( not instantly, don’t worry, so if you make any mistakes you can easily correct them there and then ). This innovative anti-aging formulation provides all-over, light-weight coverage that stays crease-free throughout the day and even if it creases a little, all you need to do is just rub it a tiny bit, like a gentle car swiper, spreading the pigment. A special blend of flower ( Para Cress extract ) that stimulates skin-lifting capabilities and coffee extracts helps to smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, increases collagen and elastin production, as well as restore lost moisture and protect from external aggressors at the same time. The range is ideal for a quick smoky eye, since before it dries up, there is sufficient playtime. Creamy Eyes can also be used like an eyeliner around the eye or to contour and shade in the eyelid crease.


For extra drama, cover the entire eyelid using the built-in brush, layer and then fade the edges with the fingertips. When it has dried, the revolutionary formula is extremely long-wearing-I can testify to that from my own experience. However, when it comes to cleansing your eye area in the evening, go for a richer, creamier texture of cleanser in order to properly cleanse and make sure there is no make-up residue left.

To help you use Ellis’s Creamy Eyes to their full advantage, have a look at the video link below, which will show you the best application techniques and tricks to make your eyes stand out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDRnpQvWYyI

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes: €26/$36/£23.

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New shade additions to Ellis Faas creamy eyes plus an international competition

I absolutely love Ellis Faas eyeshadows ( my current favourites are E204, a steely grey/green shade of Milky eyes and lilacy/ taupe Creamy Eyes E304, from the spring gift set, that works throughout the day into to the evening without smudging or losing its vividness )-for their staying power, for ease of application and travelling with, so when I heard that Ellis has created seven new shades of her cult-favourite Creamy Eyes formulation, I danced for joy! With the new colours, Ellis has expanded her innovative beauty range with inspiring shades perfectly suited for the riot of colour that we saw on the catwalks for this spring and summer: Navy Blue (E113), Bordeaux Red (E114), Purple (E115), Lilac (E116), Mint Green (E117), Light Blue (E118) and Yellow Ochre (E119).

creamy eyes

When you apply Creamy Eyes it transforms

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