Let It Glow: in time for festive season Ellis Faas launches Glow Down & improves packaging

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A film triptych by Ellis Faas for the exhibition at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam

Last week saw the former queen of the Netherlands Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix open a new exhibition at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. “Magical Africa – Masks and Sculptures from Ivory Coast. The Artists Revealed” is an exhibition where curators commissioned a film by makeup artist/photographer/filmmaker Ellis Faas, asking Ellis to draw inspiration from the traditional masks from the Ivory Coast. Ellis approached the task set before her with enthusiasm and vigour that always accompanies her work.4745e57ab82ac35d5ead743ddac23d53ec0a3e3b”Since ancient times, humans have been using masks – in order to express power and authority; to feel self-confident; to stand out or to hide behind; to not be recognised and disappear into the masses. Not only by traditional masks, but also by disguising and ornamental elements such as clothing, jewellery, hair and makeup. But can one truly change one’s identity, or is it merely a temporary transformation? And who or what defines someone’s true identity? Is it the mask, is it the human being behind the mask, or maybe even the creator of the mask?”img_vrouwenreeks

If you are lucky to visit Amsterdam before February 15, you can go and see the triptych “live” at the exhibition held at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, on Dam Square next to the palace. If not, thanks to the magic of Ellis Faas team you can view it here. Or, as an added bonus, you can have a little glimpse into the process of making of.

Thanksgiving treat from ELLIS FAAS

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