The Eyes Have It: Berezka Lab Eye Serum review

The eyes are often called the windows of the soul, but they are also one of the first things to give away our age, emotional state, levels of stress, sleep patterns and lifestyle, so no wonder that read more

Autumn Skin Series, part 3: Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm

Why don’t I start with a little confession & admit that while I have used balms on my face and my body ( I dearly love them, as much as my beautiful friend Sarita Coren does, whose blog post on balms & how to make them work for you I urge you to read when you have a moment ) I never used them on my eye area. Well, not until a few months ago, when I gave Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm a try.


What prompted Indie to create her own skincare products was a life-threatening brain tumour with which she was diagnosed in 2009. She consciously made a lot of lifestyle choices and her brief, when creating Indie Lee skincare was to use natural, non-toxic ingredients that are kind to the skin, as well as the environment, as the two are very closely connected.

Indie’s eye balm is a clever multi-tasker that looks like early morning sunshine rays. It is suitable to use for all types of skin, including the sensitive. The skin around our eyes is thin and delicate, so you need to be mindful when choosing an eye-care product that won’t be too heavy or overwhelming for the skin in the eye area. The balm blends together the following ingredients:


Calendula Oil ( increases skin’s elasticity )

Beeswax ( as above )

Mango Seed Butter ( helps to diminish appearance of dark circles and tiredness around the eyes )

Lavender Oil ( helps to boost skin’s elasticity & relaxes fine lines  )

Olive derived Squalene ( Squalene is known to have strong anti-cancerogen, anti-oxidant and oxygen generating qualities. Indie also has Squalene face oil but I have to say that after using a third of a bottle I hardly noticed any difference and passed it on to a friend to see if it works better on her skin, but her feedback was the same as my experience )

Avocado oil ( helps improve moisture levels in the epidermis thus improving skin tone ).

Vitamin E in the
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Eye Roll-On

One often gets very confusing advice about the eye area. Some people suggest ‘tapping’ the cream into the area, some say that the cream ends up creating under-eye bags, which we all want removed later in life, but the question remains-how do you look after the under the eye area?

Generally I tend to put a tiny amount and gently tap it on (I rate very highly Caudalie’s contour cream eye & lips for the morning, Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis eye recovery for the night and Body shop’s vitamin eye cream (it was recommended to me by Vaishaly) for when the skin needs a little tender loving care), but today I bought Garnier’s Caffeine roll-on which also contains grape anti-oxidants (which, by the way, are being used and talked about more and more often, since the stratospheric rise of Caudalie products).

The massage roll-ball feels cool on the skin and the anti-dark circles formula goes on smoothly and hopefully effectively too.) It refreshes the skin under the eye and boosts the radiance of that area. Currently Boots has some special offers on this and some other roll-ons in that range. Try it and let me know what you think.