Organic Beauty Week: my September natural product choices for the face

I normally don’t do monthly product posts, spotlighting the products I use, but with Organic Beauty Week and Organic September in full swing, I thought I would make an exception. By highlighting some brands and products for you, I am hoping to inspire you to switch one or two of your ┬ámainstream products to a natural or organic one, suitable for your skin’s needs – you might be pleasantly surprised by its effect on your skin. My product selection below comes from brands that don’t have Soil Association Certification, but I do know brand founders and trust their practises and ethics, so am happy to recommend them. Does certification matter ? The answer to this question is not straightforward and probably requires a lengthy round-table discussion with experts, brand founders and us consumers, in order for you to make an educated, conscious choice. I will go on record & say that my own purchases aren’t determined by certification alone ( I do hold Soil Association in very high regards ), but what does matter and I hope you will it take on board after reading this post, is that your skincare purchases need to be determined by your educated choice, as opposed to clever marketing practises of others aimed at you. Question is whether you actually choose to make conscious product choices when it comes to your beauty and skincare routine, as it would require extra research time on your part, or you are happy to delegate your choices to people who work on commission and don’t necessarily hold your best interests at heart when it comes to choosing appropriate skincare routine. On top of that, there is sadly often misleading information about organic and natural content of beauty products, so for those of you new to the organic and natural beauty niche, certification is there to help you feel a little less confused but don’t rule the purchase of the product out purely because it isn’t certified.


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