Galina Recommends: facial massagers

Pandemic highlighted a lot of things for many of us. We all rediscovered long-forgotten hand-washing techniques our grandmothers taught us; our love for de-cluttering, baking, binge watching favourite read more

Facial massage with Anastasia Achilleos & Westman Atelier

I was inclined to title this post ‘lessons from the elders’ and hope it will become more apparent why, as you read on. Recently my darling friend Anastasia Achilleos, read more

Skinesis Overnight Facial Supplement review: a tablet & a capsule for better skin & sleep

My dear friends and readers, forgive me for my silence over the last few weeks, I consciously wanted to take some time off writing and detox my brain a little bit, while on a summer holiday. It doesn’t mean that I stayed completely idle though, as I packed Sarah Chapman‘s first supplement ( called

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