CRiL reviews: Emma Cannon new book ‘Fertile: Nourish & Balance Your Body Ready for Baby Making’

In a world obsessed with youth & good looks, it’s difficult not to get sucked into the whirlwind & keep focus on the things that truly matter, like our emotional & physical health & wellbeing. When we are in our 20s, the issue fertility remains far from our minds, in fact many of us dread getting pregnant & would rather enjoy freedom, fun & building up professional experiences & career. By the time we reach 30s & 40s, when many women long to become mothers, the subject takes centre stage, but we have to face the fact that our past lifestyle choices might have had a negative impact on our fertile state. A recently published book ‘Fertile’ by the fertility expert & writer Emma Cannon is a knowledgable guide to the state of your body & mind, irrespective of your age & motherhood ambitions. In a nutshell, it will help you be in tune with your feminine force.

Emma is serene & charming. No matter what is going on outside her treatment room, she radiates inner calm that is often missing from modern lifestyle. I have seen her during my pregnancies & every time left her treatment room with a calmer head & body, with the treatment effect lasting for days. Her three previous books have helped several of the women that I know to get pregnant, at times when doctors were shaking their heads. Yet, no matter the rate of success, Emma’s feet remain firmly on the ground, with no airs & graces when it comes to her multiple talents. She is driven by innate desire to help as many couples as she can, as well as women in general, who need to fine-tune the optimal functioning of their bodies.  In addition to her work in the clinic & writing books, Emma publishes a blog, full of practical & relatable advice that is relevant to women of different ages, irrespective of their lifestyle choices. No less importantly, Emma takes responsibility for advice that she gives, so suffice to say that the publication of this book intrigued me.

Fertility – engage in it, yet keep a lightness to your touch

This beautifully photographed hardback, with a cheerful yellow inner cover, offers practical advice & fact- checked information alongside delicious recipes by nutritionist Victoria Wells, who works alongside Emma in the clinic in Chelsea.

Emma’s now classic ‘Baby-Making bible’ came out when times were perfectly aligned for Emma, after she beat cancer & her heart was brimming with joy. In a way it was her love letter to life, to the future, to the women & her own daughters. ‘Fertile: Nourish and Balance Your Body ready for Baby Making’, Emma’s fourth book, is a bit different, as it has ‘hidden depth & deeper meaning’, according to Emma. Her latest book combines many years of experience in the clinic, as well as Emma’s personal journey as a woman, alongside deliciously nurturing recipes created by Victoria & tested by both women, as the importance of food should never be underestimated when it comes to physical & mental well-being.

The book is divided into two part, ‘A Fertile Life’ & ‘Recipies’. In the first part Emma focusses on such topics as fertile living & fundamentals, like a menstrual cycle, examining body-mind-gut connection, egg quality, miscarriage, IVF support & male fertility. I tend to read lots of books, blogs & magazines as part of my own writing research & often coverage of several of the above subjects seems to be lacking, particularly when you read on the subject of female fertility. Somehow, even in our day & age, fertility issues are more often ‘blamed’ on women, as opposed to looking at the subject with a 360 view. Emma is one of those fiercely passionate women who values knowledge & experience above social media followers number and I would rather my own daughter takes advice from Emma in the future, than from some ‘influencer’ or foodie blogger, whose professional scope is limited to say the least.

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On Nutrition & Fertility: Q & A with Emma Cannon & Victoria Wells

Being a woman is not easy, whatever your age. Advice on how best to navigate our path to health, beauty and happiness can be tricky and that is one of the reasons why London’s top fertility specialist Emma Cannon and I decided to choose regular topics to talk about, related to female well-being and fertility and this is the first of such Q & As, dedicated to nutrition and fertility. I compiled a list of questions, alongside my website readers, while Emma answered the questions together with her clinic’s nutritionist Victoria Wells. I hope you will learn something new and find the advice useful and relevant to your body’s current needs.

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How important is the diet for female fertility?

We have known for years that the food we eat affects our ability to conceive, so eating healthily can improve our chances of getting pregnant and support healthy pregnancies. You need to be aware that certain foods and drinks are known to lower fertility and that both under-eating and over-eating can contribute to infertility. More specifically, certain nutrients can support each phase of the cycle, for example B vitamins are required to support the release of the egg and support implantation. Relatively simple changes can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

 Is our emotional state affected by how we nourish our bodies with food?

Our relationship with food is often a reflection of how we care for ( managing stress & getting enough sleep ) and nourish ourselves. We must not overlook the need to feed our fertility on an emotional level, as good emotional health is important prior to conception and throughout pregnancy. Remember that food influences our mood and energy levels, so by eating natural, rather than processed foods, you will help to improve your emotional stability.


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In-conversation with Emma Cannon: ‘Total Fertility’ book & how your mother shaped you

Emma Cannon is one of those rare practitioners who is extremely knowledgable, yet she never imposes her views on her patients. She listens, she treats and she makes suggestions but ultimately it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed forward.


On a sunny morning I popped into Emma’s treatment room, a short minute walk from Sloane Square tube station and just looking at Emma’s beautifully serene face made me smile. She is calm and nurturing and so is her treatment room – it is like a peaceful oasis of tranquility in the middle of a busy city. Somehow when the door closes behind you, the stress seem to melt away and you feel relaxed and ready to have ‘me-time’ that is so important, yet so lacking in our day and age.

Over a cup of one of Emma’s delicious teas ( woody, reflective ) served in a pretty porcelain cup Emma and I caught up on our lives. I mentioned a recent article from Elle, by Victoria Coren Mitchell about Apple and Facebook initiative to offer money towards ‘fertility preservation’ aka ‘egg freezing’ to women who work for them. Victoria actually went on to say that ‘my instinct is that the key to true liberation actually lies with egg freezing’. My opinion on the subject isn’t that straight-forward but that’s the beauty of what Emma does in her clinic – she uses her knowledge and looks for the best solution for you.










When it comes to female fertility the subject still often remains a taboo or is spoken in hushed tones, yet many celebrities think nothing of shoving their private parts in our face from the pages of the magazines. Or take the subject of pregnancy – if a couple fails to conceive the nod often goes in the direction of a woman, forgetting that it takes two people to get pregnant. It’s not just the physical process, to me there is a little bit of magic that is also involved. But forgive me, I veered off course a little.


Emma has written several books ( a dear friend of mine who struggled to conceive after trying IVF actually succeeded after I sent her Emma’s book – she implemented some nutritional and lifestyle changes and is a mother of a beautiful child that made the family complete ), her latest is called ‘Total Fertility’. In it Emma addresses such important

subjects as male and
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Interview with Emma Cannon

BM BibleIf your life is straight-forward, you take things like good health or having kids for granted. But not everyone is so lucky.

I have several girlfriends who struggled or still haven’t succeeded in getting pregnant and I can’t begin to describe how painful it is for a woman. People ask questions, friends mean well, family tries to be supportive but it doesn’t give you what you want-a healthy baby and takes away your identity as a woman (I am talking about women who want to have kids, because some choose not too and you have to respect their choice). There are lots of books and specialists out there but many of them are more patronising than helpful and a woman often ends up feeling worse and on her own with her fears. But when I opened a book that was published earlier this year by Emma Cannon called

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