Seriously Italian food

SE1It is wonderful to have good friends for many reasons but mine never cease to surprise and inspire me.

A few days ago a dear friend of mine, who is also a neighbour, came over to bring me a jar of pesto sauce and some hummus (the love of which we have in common) that she bought when she visited a food fair.

The next day I could relax, as sunday lunch was ridiculously easy, thanks to the delicious pesto that my family devoured with gusto. The sauce came with a card outlining the home made range of pastas and sauces that Seriously Italian produce.

I, being the ever curious person, went on their site and found out that they regularly take part in farmer’s markets around London, including one not far away from me. So, I ventured and came back home laden with pesto sauces-basil (beyond delicious and certainly the best pesto I have tried so far), rocket, tomato and my boys loved the wild boar ragu sauce-the range is so addictive I have to re-stock every week and sometimes, if I am not early enough, the sell out. Giovanni, a smiley Italian with a passion for cooking and wonderful ingredients and his partner Natasha, a Russian pesto whizz, also make lasagnas and pastas and can cater for you too. Life is always better when you have a well stocked fridge and you see the genuine pleasure on the faces of your loved ones, isn’t it?