PositivelyPositive blog and something to think about !

My dear Canadian friend Tawna, who regularly supplies me with health boosting ideas and inspirations, has sent me a link to a very inspiring blog post called ‘ Five steps for taking care of YOU ‘ by Siridyal Kaur, a contributor on the Positively Positive internet site (on which you can read posts from Christy Turlington Burns, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr. Frank Lipman ( Gwyneth Paltrow raved about his book a while back on her GOOP blog site ) and Dr. Andrew Weil ( who has been making me very happy with his products for Origins ).

It talks about how we, women, are great multi-taskers, yet we often forget to factor in time for ourselves. Without it we become grumpy and un-centered, so read it, think about it and try to implement little changes into your routine-in the end it’s not just you, but your loved ones too, who will benefit-happiness all around and no motherly guilt attached!


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