Percy & Reed haircare line presentation in conjunction with Grazia & Selfridges

A while back I was lucky enough to have my hair cut by Adam Reed, of the Percy & Reed salon and have to say that to this day itP&R2 remains one of the best experiences I had at a hairdressing salon-the place had a cool vibe, the team was friendly, I had one of the best ‘shampoos’ and a wonderfully invigorating scull massage and Adam himself was the funniest and most indulgent hairdresser-he asked for my views, made suggestions and I left with a cool haircut and lots of tips on haircare, including the Shu Uemura hair products that I have continued to use to this day.

When a couple of weeks ago I read that Grazia, one of my favourite magazines, was hosting a

Percy & Reed
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Lanvin collaboration with H&M-was it worth it to queue?

In the last few days everywhere you looked-TV, magazines-there were ads for the upcoming Lanvin collaboration with H&M, so not surprisingly expectations were high and we ladies were at the ready .) I had my eye on one of the T-shirts and a pair of leopard heels with ribbons-girly but so cool!

November 23rd arrived and when I went on the H&M internet site at 11am it was busy, so I was asked to come back later, later, later…I tried and by the time I went through to online shopping everything…. had a ‘sold out’ sign.

Not the one to give up so easily, I thought I would call Brent Cross’s store to see if they had anything left. The young lady who picked up the phone said they had plenty of stock still. Ok, I thought, I will drive there with the kids…

We arrived to the not so busy shop floor which had security barriers at the back and a small line of people. I joined in, only to be asked by the security guy whether I had a bracelet? ‘What bracelet?’, I asked puzzled. ‘The one that you need to get to go in this queue’ was the reply. ‘Where do I get one?’, was my next question-apparently at the store entrance, where I trotted feeling silly already.

A glaring shopping assistant said that they gave away the last one a while back and I needed to come back in 40 minutes i.e at 1pm when there will be no need for bracelets. My enquiry as to why I wasn’t told that when I phoned fell on deaf ears and I was even asked why I was so rude to her. Me? Rude? I was clam and collected but I did feel frustrated that they were making a big deal out of nothing really-plenty of stock and no riots, so why make it look so ‘exclusive’ and unavailable? In the end I told her that it wasn’t helpful and I couldn’t just mop around for 40 minutes-who can in our crazily scheduled world, especially when you have small children and approach life with military precision. So, my dears, I walked away from Lanvin. Did I ask or want preferential treatment? Absolutely not but I would rather not have Lanvin beautiful pieces at all than be treated with fake haute contempt and rudeness. I bought this week’s Grazia and a Decleor Aroma Cleanse foaming cleanser-the lovely shopping assistant gave me plenty of samples to try without me even asking- and calmly went back to the car. The beautiful day stretched ahead of me…..