Emily Johnston aka Fashion Foie Gras + Coach ‘blogger tote bag’ presentation

EJ7In the last few years the trend for blogging as a profession has been on the increase but interestingly for me, there aren’t that many bloggers who hold my attention on the daily basis, like Garance Dore or Scott Schuman. However, a few months ago someone has popped up on my blogger radar, who has won my loyalty-her name is Emily Johnston aka Fashion Foie Gras

I find Emily’s approach very refreshing, loving the variety of information that she presents on her site daily but most of all, I love her natural enthusiasm for the subjects that she is covering, that is palpable in her writing & photos. Emily has started her site in 2009 and since then has been building a regular and continuously expanding following and has deservedly been winning the fashion crowd and editors and brands alike.

Yesterday I had a chance to meet her in person, at the Coach store on Bond street where she was presenting her blogger tote bag,Emily&me a stylish and creative collaboration with an American powerhouse brand Coach.

I received my first Coach bag, a classic tan briefcase, from a family friend on my graduation day and I love, cherish and carry it to this day. In early OO’s Coach has gone off a fashion radar in Europe, but in the last few years the team has been regaining the market position and gaining a bigger world recognition-this year it has opened a beautiful and airy store on Bond street and managed to sign up

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