CRiL Reviews: Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Most of us consider hair our crowning glory, but until we start having problems with it, we tend to take our hair for granted. Having had a few of my own hair voes in the past, I always keep an eye on new haircare launches, within the natural & organic beauty segment in particular, so when a British brand Alchemy approached me, I was instantly intrigued.

Like our skin, hair reflects the state of our general health. However, as they are dead cells, hair issues like splitting ends, discolouration, dry scalp or dandruff can be indicative of past or ongoing illnesses or nutritional deficiency. If you leaf through many publications, including the glossies, you will notice that hair that is glossy and in top condition seems to be trending lately and it is the trend that I wholeheartedly embrace, as part of my own daily self-care evening ritual.

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January beauty buys

I have a confession to make-I am a beauty junkie-I love make up, creams, lotions & potions with a passion and my husband likes to joke that I can open a beauty parlour in my bathroom. Well, a girl has to be a girl and have little life pleasures, wouldn’t you agree?

Every month I make notes about the new innovations on the beauty market. Armed with that I go out, try things out, get some samples or buy things straight away.

So, what is new on my shelves in January? Firstly, a face oil from my magical friend Michelle Roque-O’Neil. She now assesses your skin condition and mixes you an oil taking into account not only things specific to your skin, but according to the weather/season outside too. My winter oil contains jasmine, frankincense, rose, camomile and argan oils among other things. I put it on every night and my skin thanks me (and Michelle!) for it. For the morning I bought a Body Shop’s ‘nutriganics’ smoothing day cream (it contains babassu oil) which makes my skin velvety smooth to the touch. Yesterday I also got a free big sample (thank you February’s issue of Instyle magazine) of Origins Modern friction, which is a grainy scrub that doesn’t strip your skin but gets read off the dead skin cells and allows your skin to renew itself more effectively.

Foundation wise-and I like my face to look groomed but not apparently ‘made up’ I bought

Becca’s luminous
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