From cynic to fan: Jade Beauty Head Massage Tool from Hayou Method

While I am a big fan of quality hair brushes, like Kent, Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush, that don’t irritate the scalp, nor pull your hair out when brushing, recent hype about jade & rose quartz head massage tools has left me cold – yet another expensive tool that we don’t need in our arsenal, I thought to myself. Yet the images of Chinese concubines and Japanese geishas brushing their gloriously long and glossy manes kept swirling in my mind and when an opportunity to try the launched in October Jade Beauty Head Massage Tool from Hayou Method arose, I guess I was in the right frame of mind for an experiment.

Designed for use directly on the scalp, the latest tool from Katie Brindle, Chinese Medicine practitioner & founder of Hayo’u Method, offers multiple health and beauty benefits. Based on highly researched massage techniques, the promise is that it is extremely easy and enjoyable to use. Through Gua Sha (a massage technique using a tool) and conscious breathing exercises, you can help reduce the signs of premature ageing, while also looking after your internal health. So far, so easy!

The benefit of regular head massage should never be underestimated and while the long-term effect depends on a variety of factors, brushing your hair and massaging your scalp promotes healthier hair growth, stimulates the scalp, reduces stress & tension, increases energy levels and promotes the sense of calm & relaxation.

According to Katie, Hair Combing (or Combing Therapy) is an extension of Chinese Medecinal Massage Tui Na and Jade Beauty Restorer Comb offers you a daily beauty ritual that can have long-term benefits not only for your state of mind, but the health of your scalp and hair.

Hayo’u Method Jade Beauty Restorer Comb (£38)

‘What Will it Do?’ I wondered, as I got to grips with brushing my and my daughter’s hair and scalp with a jade comb. Its soothing shade of green and lightness both pleasing on the eye and soothing for the mind. Well, combined with the ritual, it will improve the blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn will deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicles, which in its turn will help determine how healthy your hair will be (coupled with other factors, like lifestyle, existing health conditions, DNA & nutrition). Using this comb also massages the acupressure points, regulating the meridians (or energy channels) on your head. Using it daily will have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and will help reduce stress – something that I can testify to. The actual process of brushing your hair and stimulating the scalp with this jade comb slows you down, allowing for your actions to be almost sloth-like, leaving you calm and energised in equal measure.

Interestingly, because of the size and the way that the comb ends are shaped (it is quite comfortable to hold in your hand too, allowing for more precise movements, but make sure that your hands are dry, so it doesn’t slip out and break !) it will help clean the scalp of dead skin and dandruff. It also feels very satisfying to gently untangle the knots out of the hair with the comb at the end of the day, especially if yours is long.

Katie helpfully shared a video about the best ways to put this comb to good use and after watching it & improving my own technique, I got on with using it daily, often twice a day, in the morning after brushing my teeth and in the evening as I unwind in my bathroom in silence. There is something almost Pavlovian in the pleasure derived from slowly running the comb over your scalp and hair, slowing down the breathing and emptying your mind of the clutter.

And it wasn’t just me who enjoyed using this comb, but my little girl too. While I got too pocessive over ‘the fragility’ of jade, if it gets dropped on the tiled bathroom floor, I very much enjoy the tender moments with my daughter in the evening, brushing her hair, catching up on day’s events, plans for the next day and unwinding together before bedtime. We also added our own twist to the technique, leaning forward and brushing the scalp and hair from the back forward, with the blood rushing to the head for a brief period of time and it feels so good to then look int the mirror and see a lion’s thick mane of hair .)

So, do I still think that a jade hair comb is an unnecessary gimmick? Absolutely and resoundingly ‘no’. I absolutely LOVE using this Jade Beauty head Massage Tool and have noticed that my scalp feels less dry and the hair seems to be shinier after about four weeks. Now I also look forward to my daily hair & scalp brushing ritual, which before seemed more like a quick chore, rather than something special. The art of enjoyment of little things that make a difference to how we look and feel!

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CRiL Reviews: Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Most of us consider hair our crowning glory, but until we start having problems with it, we tend to take our hair for granted. Having had a few of my own hair voes in the past, I always keep an eye on new haircare launches, within the natural & organic beauty segment in particular, so when a British brand Alchemy approached me, I was instantly intrigued.

Like our skin, hair reflects the state of our general health. However, as they are dead cells, hair issues like splitting ends, discolouration, dry scalp or dandruff can be indicative of past or ongoing illnesses or nutritional deficiency. If you leaf through many publications, including the glossies, you will notice that hair that is glossy and in top condition seems to be trending lately and it is the trend that I wholeheartedly embrace, as part of my own daily self-care evening ritual.

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Organic Beauty Week: my September natural product for hair, body and pits

Having talked about face care of the natural origin in my previous post, I couldn’t leave out body and hair out, could I?! When it comes to our skin, our biggest organ, making the choice to introduce organic or natural skincare is not a bad idea, but to make things less daunting start with your body – it can be a body lotion, shower gel or deodorant and then build on it. In this post I will tell you about a hair oil from the latest Beauty Heroes Box, natural deodorant that in some ways truly rivals the one from Aurelia and a trio of body oils that were only officially launched this week, so I will only tell you about them briefly, with a bigger post to follow. So, now, let’s begin.



Haircare is a big business, but having had my hair issues in the past, I am quite picky about my shampoos, conditioners and masks. I don’t use a fan often and with dead straight hair, you will never see me with straighteners or ruling irons in hand. There are brands that I trust and whose products look after my hair and skull – some are natural, others not. In my case, to find a balance isn’t easy, as I tend to get some oiliness on my scalp, hence the need to wash it fairly often, unless I am prepared to wear a hat while out in public, while my actual hair tends to be on the slightly dry side. With that in mind, hair oils, even though I love them and sincerely envy Middle-Eastern women with their lustrous long and glossy locks, I know that using hair oil on my own hair makes me look like I need to wash my hair as soon as my hair has dried up. Luckily, my September Beauty Heroes subscription box arrived, while I was sunning myself on the beach, so I was ready to kiss Jeannie Jarnot, company’s founder, as it felt like she thought of me personally, wanting to address the issues with my hair that accompanied my daily, long sea swims and sunning myself on the beach. I came back happy, but with my hair feeling a little bit like straw, as I love leaving my hair dry up naturally after swimming in the sea and only wash them out every night. The result? Glorious mess and somewhat dry mane.


Uma’s Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil captures an ancient Indian beauty ritual in a glass bottle. When I opened it for the first time, I experienced the sense of rupture, which only magnified my feelings when I applied the oil to the hair and left it till the evening. This oil is based on the founder Shrankhla Holocek‘s secret Ayurvedic family recipe that is handed from one generation to another and in the moment in time, there are only under ten people who actually know it. What the oil promises is to treat dull, damaged, frizzy hair ( sun, heat, rough brushing etc. ), while balancing the naturally occurring oils of the scalp.


The gorgeously yellow oil peaks at you from the glass bottle, crowned with a handy pipette. It contains essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, Cypriol, Hibiscus, Yerba de Tago ( also known as the ‘false daisy and known for its nourishing and prevention of premature greying properties ) in a base of Grapeseed, Indian Gooseberry, Mooring and Jojoba oils. You can use it on dry hair or apply it to hair after washing, but principally it is a good idea to apply it to your scalp, breathing deeply and leave it on overnight – I have heard a few good comments about using it like that. My problem is that I don’t have the time to wash my hair in the morning, before getting everyone ready for school and work and dashing out of the door, so I tend to apply it in the evening, leave it on for a couple of hours, before washing it off and shampooing my hair thoroughly, otherwise I do end up with greasy hair, which isn’t the look I am keen on. I have only been using the oil for a couple of weeks, which normally is too short a period before I get down to reviewing the product, but this oil certainly is impressive enough to be spotlighted. I actually now wear it on my hair as hair perfume during the day – and that is saying something about my haircare habits, as I never did it before .)


To find out more about Uma or order their products, please click on the link to the Beauty Heroes website here


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