How Errol Douglas changed my opinion on hairdryers

Are you a woman obsessed with her haircare tools, be it a hairdryer, curlers, rollers or hair-straighteners? If you are, you are like the vast majority of women I know who dearly love theirs.  Unlike all you Hair Glamazons until recently I remained a simple girl at heart, using a hairdryer on occasion, when I just simply couldn’t wait for my hair to dry-up naturally but a blow-dry and a chat with hairdresser Errol Douglas put an end to my hair-gadget-free existence for good.


Errol Douglas MBE ( you can find out more about Mr Mane from my recent interview with him here) has been working in the hairdressing industry since his teens, yet he was adamant that he won’t create any hair gadgets or haircare products unless they were perfect and created by the right team of people. Last year, in collaboration with Corioliss, he launched an electrical tool range with the focus on maintaining his clients hair in optimum condition and helping them achieve great hair finish between salon visits. Another thing that sets the range apart ( InfraRedDryer and Treat&Style ) is that it is suitable for all kinds of hair, from European to African. The design of the dryer, for example, was led by the unisex trend, to appeal to both men and women, as men, are at times more obsessed with their hair than even the most high-maintenance women. According to Errol ”As with all good designs, the basis is simplicity and the matt black finish makes the productslook slick and stylish, but also means they will last and look good over time.  My clients want products to look beautiful but not at the expense of value and quality.”

A couple of months ago I got to try Errol Douglas =&0=&and have to say that it is the coolest hair-dryer that I have had a pleasure of using at home. It combines the benefits of =&1=& to deliver speed, shine and a frizz-free finish ( one of my best friends, who hated her hair because of its frizz now grins like a cheshire cat when this dryer is mentioned ). According to the press release ‘Infrared light is known to penetrate the hair for more accelerated drying, aid d circulation and reduce hair loss, whilst Ionic technology allows moisture to penetrate and rehydrate the hair. The anti-static technology finishes the combination by delivering a frizz-free finish on super smooth hair.  Errol is adamant that =&2=&

Daniel Mikhael, Haute Coiffure London or how I fell in love with my haircut

In general, I am a very loyal person when it comes to beauty therapists, hairdressers, yoga instructors, trainers etc-when you find ‘your’ person and the relationship works to mutual advantage, it’s great. You trust their opinion, they appreciate your custom.

Our world moves very fast and there are so many innovations, so much creativity and visual stimulation that sometimes you are tempted, as a constant learner, to try and experience new things, to understand yourself better, to tweak things naturally when it comes to your appearance.

My current hairdresser, who I adore because he is a very talented hair stylist, has been doing my hair for the last five years, and I equally enjoy speed chatting with him while I am sitting in his chair in the salon.

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a wonderful colleague of mine, who works in the beauty industry, who urged me to go and see a magical, wonderful hairdresser. He was out of town she said , but she will let me know when he is back and then I absolutely must go to see him. I felt a stab of disloyalty just contemplating this idea, yet at the same time my inner voice was saying ‘well, you don’t have to have your hair cut by him, just go and have a chat, have a look around his salon, what’s the harm in that ?’

A couple of weeks went by and I got word that ‘the magician’ was back in town, so I called his salon, missed him on a couple of occasions, as he was busy with clients, but he called me back fairly soon never-the-less. We exchanged general pleasantries, as you do during the first conversation. I proposed that I come to his hairdressing salon and we talk, so maybe I can write about him? Daniel suggested that he will cut my hair. I nervously mumbled something in reply, we agreed on the date and time and signed off.

A couple of weeks ago, when London was getting into the grip of Jubilee celebrations that were stretching ahead, I tried miserably to find parking around Connaught Square, where the garden party with belly-dancing and barbecues was in full swing. I love that area simply because my favourite original chocolate shop Cocomaya ( where I always have memorable foodie experiences of the cake and chocolate kind ) is situated there.

Daniel Mikhael, a Lebanese born hairdresser decided to open his salon, Haute Coiffure in

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