Ole Henriksen products-summer ‘teezer’ preview

My American friends have been raving about Ole Henriksen products for a few years to me, but as I don’t go to the US often, their excited ramblings didn’t help me apart from increasing my curiosity-who is that man, why do women talk in such excited tones when it comes to his Spa in LA and why do I keep on reading about his products in the US publications but rarely in the UK ones? Thanks to my girlfriends I also got occasional Ole Henriksen products treats and the more I tried the products, the more I liked them. My past favourites, which very much remain present on my bathroom shelves are

Ole Henriksen skin
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Harvey Nichols sale add-love it or hate it ?

Sales have started earlier this year and last week I have received a sale card from Harvey Nichols announcing it’s sale from Wednesday, 17th of June,but instead of the excitement, it made me feel puzzled, if not annoyed.

The ad’s slogan is ‘ try to contain your excitement ‘ and it features a slim model with a wet patch on the front of her trousers, implying that the discounts were so good, she actually peed herself.


Was it a male or female agency team who came out with this ad? Are those people women haters, as I can’t see the male in the ad? Are women considered so fickle and so shattered by the birth of the children, that the manifestation of our excitement is peeing ourselves? 

Harvey Nichols, which for many years had a coolness edge to it-the designers they carried, the layout of the floors, their customer base-I remember how many years ago I went to admire Alexander McQueen designs and at the same time enjoyed looking at the people who shopped there…..I don’t know what customer base this ad will inspire or attract, but I won’t be among those people hunting for sales bargains, even if the discounts go up to 70%, on this occasion.

Waiting lists-are they necessary?

Waiting lists seem to be everywhere now. My knowledge of waiting lists started with a friend of a friend bemoaning the fact that her father had to wait a couple of years in order to get his custom-made boat and he soooo hated waiting. Then there is the mentioned in hushed tones Hermes waiting list, for Birkin or Kelly bag. Depending on which one you want, the size and the grain of leather and hard-wear it can be anything from one year to two, if you are lucky to be actually put on one. But with boats and Hermes I can understand the work it takes-don’t get me wrong, two completely different categories, but still….

You also have waiting lists for good schools for kids and I remember well how one friend was urging me to put my yet unborn baby down for several primary schools in the area and me refusing, saying I actually needed to deliver a baby first. True, good schools are hard to come by and unfortunately there are no good state schools in our area, so my husband has to work hard, as we won’t compromise on our son getting a good education-after all,he is a boy and will need to support his family one day.

Now there is a waiting list for my local Mini Mozart baby class that we have been attending since my son turned one. It used to be pretty easy-just come on time, pay £8 and enjoy live music, stories and interaction with other kids. Recently I found out that one has to subscribe in order to attend ‘terms’ for that class. I asked for a form, was promised that one will be mailed for me-which never materialised in my mail box and yesterday I was told that there is no place for us but we were put down on a so-called ‘distribution list’ and will be notified when the payment and enrollment for next term will become due. You know what? I think we can live without this class, if one has to subscribe to it. I will just look for alternatives or another, maybe new class, where I can drop at our convenience-after all, you can’t predict if you are going to be able to attend sometimes due to travel, other plans or sickness.

Then there are the waiting list for clothes-seriously, do I want to put your name down for let’s say a dress and then find yourself at the party with another girl wearing the same outfit? That happens too, you know and not everyone can put a smiling face on the situation.

But wait, there are also the waiting lists for make-up. Chanel for example, is really up there on the pedestal in terms of their nail polishes. Every season the PR goes into overdrive, journalist write about the ‘must-have’ colour and the waiting list opens. Ok, last year there was a shade of Chanel’s grey that I really wanted and I chose not to go on the waiting list. I couldn’t find it in any of the Chanel boutiques in London, or Selfridges,

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