Gaia Repossi jewellery for Zadig & Voltaire

Often kids from well-off families tend to rest on the family laurels (it is particularly true with the younger Russian generation), choosing to take it easy, enjoy the life on the party circuit and not even consider work for a living as a viable option-this is of course a generalization and so when you see a young lady from a well known European family work hard to establish her credentials in a very saturated world of jewellery, even if it’s in her DNA, you become curious.

Gaia Repossi is a member of an Italian family which owns and runs a very upscale Maison Repossi(started in 1920s) where Gaia she has been holding a title of artistic director from her early 20s, with her aim of bringing in younger clients. Yes, it probably helps that she is a familiar face on the fashion circuit (socialising with the likes of Charlotta Casiraghi, Tatiana Santo Domingo and Eugenie Niarchos) but I wonder if the fact that she has been exposed to art and culture from the young age is what makes her designs so distinctly unusual. She definitely found and gradually established her own niche with beautifully crafted rings, especially the one which cover the whole of your finger.

Gaia launched her first ‘stand alone’ jewellery collection called Czarina with Eugenie Niarchos in 2007 and last year she had a very successful collaboration with both Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra (each reflecting the essence of each of the designers), so 2011 brought news of a new collaboration, this time with a French brand Zadig & Voltaire.

Hand on the heart, I love Z & V, as they make quirky clothes, shoes, bags etc. that stand the test ofGR1 times and always give you a luxurious feel and edge when you wear them. Pricey? Hell yes, that’s why I love sales where you can always find plenty of items to add to your wardrobe, but I have wondered off the path of my subject, so forgive my little interlude .)

When I heard snippets about upcoming collaboration, I popped into my local Zadig & Voltaire where a young sales guy looked at me like I was an alien. Mercifully, I was rescued by a knowing wink from one of the sales girls who said that the items in question-rings and bracelets (in silver & gold)- will only be carried in three of Zadig & Voltaire’s London stores some time in May and called the  Westbourne grove store. After a brief chat, my name was put on the …waiting list-yes, the dreaded and not liked by me, but what can a girl do on an occasion like that?

After a hectic but fun weekend in mid May I was ready to call the shop but the lovely sales girl beat me to it-I was GRtold that they had the collection that I wanted but I had to come in that same day or else they will be gone as they received less stock and silver didn’t even come in-happy me, I actually prefer the warmth of gold to the coldness of silver.

 So off I drove to the store, where from under the cloak of backroom, the rings appeared on the tray before me. I tried them and was about to pay for two-one covering half of the finger, another covering the whole one-harder edge, more rock’and’roll girl, which I am not, but the hell with it, we only live once. Well, I came down from dreaming as the lovely blond sales girl told me that I couldn’t have the bigger ring, as someone put her name down for it before me-what about me being there and willing to pay on the spot, I asked? The head was shaken and transaction for one ring concluded. Refusing to give up, I did say that if the lady didn’t want it, I will still want it tomorrow.

Coming out of the store, i almost forgot about it, as Gaia’s ring had a magic effect on me-it felt like part of me, being on my finger, glinting in the sun yet feeling like it was part of my hand-if that isn’t talent and vision put into designing this piece, I don’t know what is.

Well, as I was pottering around the next day, my mobile rang and it was another sales person fromGR2 the Zadig &Voltaire store, this time a guy, saying that I could have the ring if I moved fast, as in, until the end of the day. So in a couple of hours, when my errands were done, I came through the stores doors again and was met by a smiling handsome face of the guy who called me…. So now I am a proud owner of two beautiful rings designed by Gaia for Zadig & Voltaire-a smaller, more girly and feminine one that gives me quite confidence and a larger one, that makes me feel cool and ten inches taller somehow. And you know what, when the sales staff is that nice, it’s a double pleasure to complete the shopping experience, even if the dreaded waiting list is involved. And having seen Gaia’s pieces, I expect a very interesting professional future for her, full of surprises for her ever expanding customer base around the world! Vive the talent and interesting collaborations-Gaia, you made me a very happy girl indeed!

Jewellery by Vanya plus Q&As

I have to confess that I adore giraffes-I just think that they are beautifully peaceful animals but never knew that my facination with them could lead me to a jewellery designer named Vanya….

Browsing through one of fashion magazines not so long ago I saw a quaint giraffe necklace that was so endearingly pretty that I just fell in love with it. So I did what I had to do to find it-I googled, found the site called ‘Jewellery by Vanya’ but the necklace was sold out….Not the one to be intimidated by it, I e-mailed the site in the hope to get my hands on one and that’s when I got a reply from Vanya…..

First, let me explain something to you. The name Vanya is the shorter version of Yvan and in Russia, unlike in Europe, it is a boy’s name, like Nikita-don’t listen to Elton John on this one, I urge you (!)-remember the song ‘Nikita’ where Nikita was a….girl soldier? Well, she wasn’t a Russian, that’s for sure .) unlike La Femme Nikita .) I was really curious and ……. Well it turns our that Vanya is a pretty young woman in her 20s and a talented jewellery designer in addition to that.

Vanya Ganderton designs beautiful pieces and has her own vision, not shaped by what’s in fashion but in my opinion, her designs are very current and will remain so as you wear it. I feel that Jewellery by Vanya is very much part of who she is, as each piece tells a little story and has a vintagey feel about it, making you feel girly when wearing it.

I asked Vanya a few questions, to which she graciously replied, so read our Q & A below and I hope you will fall in love with Vanya’s jewellery a little too .)

Qs & As with Vanya Ganderton, jewellery designer:

Please tell me a little about your background? Were your
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Something special for mums

les trois enfantsTime flies so quickly that sometimes you look at your kids and wonder when did they stop being babies and became temperamental toddlers or grumpy teenagers…..Pictures always will remind you of things past and Anya Hindmarch made bags, personalised with your kids pictures, very popular indeed, however, I never felt like carrying my kid’s ‘identity’ on open display. But recently I came across an idea that will make a beautiful, discreet gift and put a smile on any mother’s face-a beautiful personalised necklace or bracelet from Les Trois Enfants.

Each bracelet or necklace consists of a waxed leather cord, which comes in a variety of colours, to which you add a heart, a disk or a boy/girl figurine in either sterling silver or can choose a gold-plated option. Each of those disks gets personalised with the names of your children and their dates of birth in a beautiful script.

 It makes a truly personal gift to your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister etc. that they will treasure for the rest of their life. And mine just brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, which is often !