Intelligence Squared interview with Elizabeth Gilbert at Cadogan Hall

Ever since I was a child I felt drawn to older people-they were more fun, more fascinating, more appealing. I loved listening to my parent’s friends or to be part of get togethers at my grandparents apartment where the levels of energy were always contagiously exciting. And this fascination with smarter, older people still remains deeply rooted in me and I love listening to them and learning as much as I can.

Intelligence Squared, about which I already wrote this year, organised a sold-out event with Elizabeth Gilbert, the woman who wrote the bestselling ‘Eat, Love, Pray’and just followed it up, of sorts, with ‘Committed’. It took place on September 15th at Cadogan hall and just walking to it, looking at smartly or casually dressed women, waiting to get in, made me smile with the pleasure of anticipation. 

If I am honest, I actually resisted reading the book for a long time, because I don’t like to do what everyone does-whether that’s the consequence of growing up in the Communist superpower state or my own innate stubbornness, I don’t know. In this case, I did succumb to reading the book last year-a friend of mine, whose opinion I do value, recommended it to me and I just gave in and read it. I have to be honest and say that while I did enjoy reading it, it wasn’t an earth shattering experience for me and I doubt that I will re-read it, thought I really enjoyed the style of writing of the author-human, honest, self-depreciating and quite original as the author has the way with words that I wish I had .)

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