How to help children de-stress: The HappySelf Journal

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Kids half-term & lessons learnt

I don’t know about you, but in the run up to my kids school holidays I get a bit antsy, wondering how to best entertain them, yet also get work things done too, as I work from home. Lately I seem[...] read more

Kid’s Super Hero from Bare Biology

September heralds the beginning on a new school year and the reaction of kids varies from utter excitement to contentious sulking. It will probably take a few weeks for both parents and the kids to adjust to the new timetables, after-school rota of activities, endless play-dates and demands of the new year but there is a helping fin from Bare Biology in the form of a liquid Super hero.


I have reviewed Bare Biology’s Lion Heart Sicilian lemon Omega-3 fish oil in April and am happy to report that not only to I continue to take it daily, but my penguins are now happily demanding their own Super Hero oil Omega 3 Fish Oil right after breakfast, before we make a dash for school.

What makes it special and why should you consider giving it to your child? Well, to start with, Melanie Lawson, brand’s founder, is a mother of three and we all know that being a mother often gives you extra inspiration and motivation, especially in unsteady and worrying times we currently live in, when nutritional content of the food can be somewhat lacking and children face growing pressures since the moment they step over the school threshold.

Omega 3 is essential for children’s development but many kids don’t like the smell or the taste of fish, leading to many arguments in the kitchen table. What to do? One single 1ml

drop of Super Hero contains the same amount of Omega 3 that
[...] read more

reflections on parenthood

Now that the summer is over, its nice to look back at the summer holiday when the pace was somewhat different if you have the children – no school runs and possibly slightly more time in bed in the morning but kids need time and attention, so you can never rest on your laurels.


Looking at the sea waves while digging my toes deep into the sand, I reflected on motherhood and combining it with work, with constant pressures and deadlines and realised with relish that summer is such a wonderful time to spend less time with technology and more re-connecting with our family, children and friends. What can be better than switching off the TV and eating dinner in the garden, while discussing your day and making plans ahead? Or leisurely reading with the children and talking about life with them? Or discovering new corners of the city, foraging in the forest, building castles on the beach or just making new discoveries, together, with no destructions or time pressure. Children grow up so quickly and life is fleeting, so make the time to enjoy the company of your children, both sides can only benefit from it.


Travelling tip

No one can dispute that travelling with small kids can be tiring to say the least. But there is one thing that I started doing last summer that makes me a little bit more secure. If you are travelling with your partner, divide the contents of your two suitcases between yourselves. If you are travelling with children, apply the same practise. And if the airline losses your luggage, you are more likely to have some clothes for each one of you-it’s unlikely that they will lose all of your luggage-and a better peace of mind.