New face masks launches: Kiehl’s, Tata Harper, Skin & Tonic, True Nature Botanicals & Evolve

Women have been masking for years and I believe that using face masks, once or twice a week, depending on your skin needs, is like having a mini-facial in the privacy of your own home. One of the latest read more

Scrubbing with Kiehl’s and blushing with Armani

Kiehl'sI was browsing cosmetic counters in Selfridges todayand finally got my hands on Armani’s latest make-up invention, called Blushing Fabric (second skin blush). It’s been already written about since April but there has been a delay in its release and Armani‘s make-up artists have been laughing seeing me approach their counter yet again, asking ‘is it here yet?’.

Well, there are three shades advertised but only two were released and one is already sold out. I got mine in No.1 and it looks crazily pink, yet when you apply it it glides on smoothly, gives you a ‘blushing bride’ look, smells delicious and stays put, like its sister foundation. It works really well in hot weathers, so I would say a great addition to your make-up bag before you go on your holiday.

The second product that I didn’t plan to buy but in the end couldn’t resist is by Kiehl’s and it is part of their Creme de Corps range. It is called Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish and you just have to smell it to know that you have to have it on your shower shelf. This formulation contains Shea and Jojoba butters plus Sweet Almond Oil that is blended with ground Luffa fruit. The said combination will not only exfoliate your skin but nurture it too, because it contains pure honey and soy milk protein. I initially tried it on my hand and my girlfriend’s son has been trying to kiss my hand since then-what more can a girl want?

Kiehl’s magic berry

Looking after one’s face seems to be getting more elaborate by the day. Until not so long ago one could get away with cleansing and moisturising in the morning but nowadays more and more cosmetic companies want us to use serums in addition to our usual moisturiser. I have used an occasional sample but wasn’t particularly inspired to buy one. But things change and after recently exploring various beauty counters for new products I kept on ending up at the Kiehl’s counter-so far, I haven’t been inspired to use any of their products for my face.

The new addition to my beauty shelf is called Acai Damage-Repairing Serum and the inscription on the 50ml bottle (£36) states that the ‘concentrated formula penetrates skin’s surface to repair the effects of visible damage due to external stressors’. I have only been using it for three or four days but my skin seems to be more even and a little softer to the touch and my nose loves the serum’s delicate smell. I put it on my skin after cleansing and then whoosh to have my breakfast. After that I get on with the rest of my skincare routine (moisturiser, concealer, touch of foundation, blusher) and my face seems to be liking it.

Another word on Kiehl’s: people working at their King’s road store are knowledgeable about the products and I got some samples and a 125ml bottle of kid’s face & body sunscreen spray (the best I have come across in the last few years) for free. Staff working at the Peter Jones Kiehl’s counter also seem lovely & beyond helpful. Bear that in mind when you go shopping.