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Hot Lips launch by ELLIS FAAS At Liberty London

Lip are a focal point in many advertisements, as well as mirror reflections, and from early on we start paying attention to that part of our face. Today I trotted to Liberty London Heritage Suite to meet the veritable make-up Maestra Ellis Faas, as she presented new addition to the already extensive ELLIS FAAS make-up collection, called Hot Lips.


This non-greasy, yet incredibly vibrant lip formula, which doesn’t leave lips feeling heavy or dry, is packed with pigments and comes in nine versatile shapes for you to choose from:

L401 (Bright Red), L402 (Bright Orange), L403 (Bright Fuchsia), L404 (Fluo Pink), L405 (Bright Coral)
L406 (Rose Violet), L407 (Deep Pink), L408 (Baby Pink), L409 (Pink Nude)

Ellis is one of those make-up artists who doesn’t preach or tell you things as if she knows you better than you do, instead she has an incredibly naughty laugh, a self-depreciating manner and will help your explore the products in order to make you look like the better version of yourself. She takes inspiration in technical capabilities and textures, while also relying on her years of make-up artistry experience. With this product she wanted it to be bright and very wearable, without complicating your make-up routine. When you apply hot lips you need to massage it in a little and then build it up, if you want an even more intense burst of colour with megawatt intensity.


When you are trying make-up, especially foundation, Ellis advises to apply three shades on your jaw line, blend it in and then go outside, in to proper light in order to see the end result before committing to a specific shade or product.

Ellis is also refreshingly honest when it comes to make-up and brands and says that when you do catwalk or editorials, one can never stick with just one brand, instead you use different brands and products in order to achieve a perfect result that will make the impact. When it comes to ELLIS FAAS make-up Ellis believes in classic, not trendy colours, so you won’t see any catwalk looks replicated in her products. Instead you will find a variety of shades that can accentuate your best features.


I was lucky to try a few shades of Hot Lips today with ELLIS FAAS make-up artist (such fun to have your lips painted with a lip brush and then dash to Ellis to seek her reaction)and we both agreed that 406 is the perfect shade for me during the day, with the 408 not far behind.


Hot Lips contain castor seed oil and a hint of vanilla and are quite long-lasting-even when I arrived back home my lip color looked as fresh, as when it was originally applied. And when even women look at you on the train with the appraising look in their eyes, you know that you are doing something right with your make-up. Yay to HOT LIPS !

 All Ellis Lips products are suitable for every skin tone, age and style. Paraben-free. Non-sticky. No animal testing. Price: €25 / £22 / $35.

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