Kids half-term & lessons learnt

I don’t know about you, but in the run up to my kids school holidays I get a bit antsy, wondering how to best entertain them, yet also get work things done too, as I work from home. Lately I seem to have settled into a natural flow, where I dedicate time to kids during the day almost fully, trying to empty my mind by learning alongside them. I then put some of that new knowledge to good use in the evening, when they are in bed & I am back at my desk.

”Wonder is the very engine of life.” Ealing Kagge

We only had one long bank holiday weekend when I set down to pen this post, yet there are so many things that were done & which brought equal measures of frustration & pleasure.

  • I have heard a while back about a wonderful documentary called ‘Walk With Me’ about

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Lesson learnt from my son & his teacher: the miracle of R.J. Palacio’s ‘Wonder’

Sometimes miracles take place right under our noses without us taking notice, but when we do, a sense of surprise seems overwhelming. My son has been reading R. J. Palacio’s ‘Wonder’ this term at school, chosen by his wonderful English teacher, but as he reads a fair amount of books, I didn’t pay initial close attention to this particular book choice. He did mention it a few times, doing brief re-caps of what he was reading, but I still didn’t pick it up to leaf through the pages. Then we saw a trailer of ‘Wonder’ with Julia Roberts & something clicked in my head. A few days later I was reading Julia’s interview in UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, where she said that she came across ‘Wonder’ thanks to her own children. The effect snowballed. This past Sunday, instead of driving outside of London for a long country walk, kids and I went to the movies. Two hours flew by, I whellled up on several occasions, crying quietly as the movie finished, but what completed the circle for me & tugged at my heart, was my daughter saying ‘Mummy, I really enjoyed this movie’.

‘Wonder’ is a book written by an American author R.J. Palacio, tells a story of a boy whose lovely but disfigured face takes a back seat to the life changing beauty of his spirit and the effect he has on the people around him. At the time when we as society seem particularly fractured, this book makes you think about things that truly matter to us all, the unseen threads that tie us together, rather than pulling us apart.

A story of love, resilience & strength that I am not going to recap here, as I don’t want to take away from you the pleasure of reading it, it resonated with[...] read more