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Let It Glow: in time for festive season Ellis Faas launches Glow Down & improves packaging

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Lippy Bunny: ‘Enchanting Blooms’ by Rouge Bunny Rouge

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a lipstick addict, but I do like using them to help create a mood or enhance a fashion look of the day. When a brand launches lip balms that look and feel like lipsticks and have poetic inspirations and secret Victorian times messages behind them, I get intrigued. Welcome to the spotlight – Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Balms.

When a beautiful parcel that looked like a hat box arrived a couple of weeks ago, I was as enchanted, as my little girl – we almost had an argument about who was going to open it first. When I opened the box, finding inside a chic fascinator and six RBR Enchanting Blooms underneath, I instantly switched from sporty to flirty mood. I did my hair, attached the fascinator and started playing with the colours. Some conservatively subtle, others striking or daringly bohemian – I think there is something for every woman to be transfixed.

Each of the six shades is lightweight, non-sticky and fairly long-lasting, but with a difference – as time goes by after initial application, it slowly fades away, if not reapplied, giving way to a subtle, flattering tint that enhances your lips without being obvious. Not exactly barefaced beauty, but neither is it overtly obvious (depending on the shade you go for).

Each balm promises to hydrate, plump and repair delicate skin on the lips and has an understated sweet, flowery scent. The shape of the balm is ‘cut’ in such a way, that it glides easily along the lip contour, without you needing to be too precise or eagle-eyes. Something that is very welcome when the head and eyesight might be blurry in the morning and needing a shot of expresso to properly kick you up a gear.

Six colours you can choose from are as follows:

099 Captivating Camellias, its Secret Victorian Meaning distills to: ‘I Am Perfect And So Are You’

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It’s All About The Brushes

When I first got my hands on this make-up brushes set, aptly titled It’s All About The Brushes, designed by make-up artist Caroline James for my wonderfully creative and inspirational friend Georgina Jones, founder of Bathing Beauty line of skincare products, I knew that I was holding something truly unique, born out of passion and striving for perfection of two very accomplished and talented women, in my hands.

brush box front and back

After 18 months of design, Georgina and Caroline launched it a few months ago, during the trade show in Olympia, doing it with pride but immense modesty as well. And since that moment on, I have rediscovered the joy of applying my make-up not just with my fingers but with professional brushes, guided by a wonderful expert, whose instructions are printed on the box. But why don’t I let Caroline tell you all about it, in her own words?!

How it all began: George meets Caroline

”Amazingly, despite modelling in Milan, Paris and London for eight years, Bathing Beauty founder George Jones and myself had never met, that is until we moved to North Wales!


It was on the Osteopathic Table, at George’s Clinic, during a treatment session, that we discovered our mutual past. George had been considering a range of makeup brushes, determined to make them cruelty free and vegan in line with Bathing Beauty’s founding principles. However, she realised she was lacking the technical expertise.

I was also looking to design my very own range of brushes and happened to start talking about them. This was a collaboration waiting to happen !

Caroline James, the make-up artist story


I did my training over 20 years ago at Greasepaints, a highly acclaimed School of Makeup in London and then embarked on a career from which I have never looked back.

Having achieved international success in a job which is challenging, demanding and incredibly rewarding, I had the pleasure of working with some of the music industry’s most influential artists, Hollywood stars and TV and sports personalities,  like Paul McCartney, Minnie Driver, Caro Emerald, Marianne Faithful, Danii Minogue, Alice Cooper, Sir Tom Jones, Steps and SClub 7.

From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the bottom of the North Sea in a gas rig, I have taken on many challenges and had some incredible experiences, whilst doing a job I love and which enables me to show off my enthusiasm and creative flare with Makeup.

brushes open

 A Makeup Artist’s life is never dull!

I have been doing makeup lessons for many read more

Mesmerizing eyes courtesy of Armani & W3LL People

Like Brooke Shileds I have strongly defined eyebrows ( but luckily not as strong as Leonid Brezhnev’s ) and lessons taught by the threading queen Vaishaly Patel continue to serve me well. But what if you want to defy your eyebrows and eyes but don’t know where to start? Luckily, Armani & W3LL People‘s recent launches will give you a helping hand-just make sure yours is a steady one!


I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Armani in person yet but know from a few people who work for him that even though he is in his 80s, he still keeps a sharp eye on everything going on in his empire, including developments within his beauty line that has been gaining fans steadily pretty much from the moment it was launched. His beauty products are practical, on-trend yet timeless and they make you look like the best, polished version of yourself without being overdone.

Armani Eye & Brow maestro is a product that you will like simply because it will help you make your eyebrows, as well as eyes, look beautiful. All you need is just one pot and a brush. My mini make-up lesson was guided by one of Armani make-up artists working at the Selfridges counter, whose advice I value as she knows what colours suit me and never does a hard sell.


Mr Armani is known as a master of light & shadow and this product will help deliver exactly that effect. Put some of it on top of your hand, wiggle the specially designed Armani brush in it gently and brush the eyebrows upward, applying it from inner to the outer corner of the brows. The spiral applicator, like the one you get in your mascara, helps to evenly distribute the product and you can build it up, if you want a stronger look or if your eyebrows are a little sparse. Fancy some eyeliner? Use the angled side of the brush, that is very precise, and trace the line alongside your lash line, guiding it almost into your eyelashes for a natural, Bambi-eyed look. If your eyes aren’t big, do it half way, from the middle of your eye to the outter corner. Need an eyeshadow? No problem, dab some on your finger and apply to your eyelids, blending it well. You can also use it to contour under the cheekbones, like bronzer, but it does depend on the shade that you choose and the colour of your skin ( the shade that I bought is called ”Ambre” and it certainly does the above named multitude of jobs for me ). Enclosed instructions also say that you can ‘use Eye & Brow Maestro as hair touch-ups to bring a touch of colour-again” but do check if it is a match for your hair first )

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow maestro
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Valentine’s day: make-up video collaboration between Ellis Faas & I LOVE YOU magazine

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, instead of offering you some gift ideas-after all, you know your loved one much better than I do, I thought I would share a charming beauty tutorial from Ellis Faas team.


Ellis created this video in collaboration with the aptly titled I LOVE YOU magazine and it shows you how to have fun with make-up and create the look that would be as unique as you are. 

So instead of breaking the bank or buying something that might be put away in the drawer as soon as Valentine’s day is over, play with your make-up, create a look that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself and have a great day celebrating love that makes the world a better, kinder, more exciting place to live in.