New age-defying facial from NuBo

I have had a NuBo facial in the past ( )  and loved its overall effect on my skin and my senses, so when I was invited to experience their new, ‘Focus on Eyes’ facial, I wondered how can one possibly improve an already wonderful facial-boy, oh boy, was I in for an absolutely magical beauty treat.


The facial took place in the ‘secret’ treatment room ( tucked in between the beauty hall and the lingerie sections-what more can a girl be tempted with ?) in Fenwick. My wonderfully joyful & very experienced facialist Tine gave me a fluffy towel robe to cover my upper body with and told me to take off my jewellery. She then applied a hairband to keep my hair out of the way and told me to close my eyes and a take several deep, relaxing breaths before her strong but soothing hands got to work on my face.

The facial starts with the application of NuBo‘s Velvet Cleansing Cream (it smells so lovely and is so moisturising, I feel like I am treating myself every time I use it ), followed by a Foaming Cleanser that has a gentle exfoliating effect. Lately more and more facialists are starting to advocate double cleansing and considering the pollution that we are exposed to on the daily basis, I think it’s as much a necessity, as well as a daily beauty maintenance  for our skin. 

After a very thorough double cleanse ( my face felt clean, yet soft to the touch ) Tine applied a Diamond Peel & Reveal Mask that makes you feel like a pampered Princess and then sprayed Rose mist that invigorates and  revitalises your skin, followed by the application of the Oxygen Booster serum ( not only does this recently launched product plump your skin, it also relaxes your facial muscles and accelerates healing and regenerative process in the skin layers ). Truth be told, it felt like a magic potion straight out of the ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ cartoon-luckily you don’t need to be the Wicked Queen to experience it ! )

Tine mixed and painted a Peel-off mask , which contains Norwegian seaweed & French clay (  for the time being it is only available as part of NuBo’s salon facial ). This mask helps to detox your skin further and leads to a much clearer complexion by drawing out the impurities and tightening up the pores. 

One would think that all that was good enough, but NuBo‘s team goes so much deeper in their research, in order to push a ‘facial’ experience to new levels. You then get to try another of NuBo’s innovations, gel like Eye pads ( again, only available as part of the Salon treatment for now ) that feel quite cooling and relaxing upon application and when they are taken off your eye area feels plumped, revitalised and reinvigorated, even before Rose Mist is sprayed over your face. The skin around our eyes is quite delicate, so it’s a very fine balance to develop a treatment that doesn’t overwhelm the skin, yet treats a lot of problems, like dryness or dark shadows. 

The next step was an application of NuBo’s best-selling Diamond Ice Glow Mask. This mask is a great pre-party face treat, as it wakes up your skin and boosts your radiance levels. While the mask is on, your hands and arms are massaged with Bien Etre oil ( Rosehip oil and Finnish Lingon berries ) and then you are given two warm Aventurine stones to be held in the palms of your hands ( this stone is known for its good luck, prosperity and positive energy qualities ) while cosy mitts are put over your hands, making you feel like you are in a relaxed, cosy cocoon. I tried to focus a little and not drift off to sleep ( after all, I have to relay the facial details to you ), while Tine was massaging my tight shoulders and neck with the Bien Etre oil, melting tightness and stress away.

Time flows by and then the eye pads and the mask get removed and Tine follows it up with lymphatic drainage on face and neck with Bien Etre oil. All through this time I was lying down with a persistent thought of whether this bliss was real or I was hallucinating in my happily dreamy state.

Hot towels are applied to your face to remove the mask, followed by Vitamin C serum, which works on brightening your  complexion and then the focus goes back to the eye area with the use of a gadget that uses Galvanic currentsRed light therapy ( it allows the product’s active ingredients to penetrate deeper into your dermal layers and deliver an almost instant eye lifting effect-when I later touched the area all around my eyes it felt different, even without me seeing the effect in the mirror ). As soon as Tine started applying this gadget to the under-eye area, a wave of serenity washed over me. I felt a very profound sense of calm and peace descend on  me, which is really hard to describe using words- one really needs to experience it in person to believe it. You also get light, but actively targetted finger massage around the Orbicularis ( eye muscle ) and Tine’s delicate fingers smoothed everything to perfection with the Eye Lift serum.

Diamond Radiance cream followed by the Essence is then applied to your face, as well as the neck area ( to be honest I rarely spread my face cream on my neck and that is really silly of me, as our necks are one of the first places to start showing our age, if we neglect to care for them ) and finished with a dewy layer of Sculpt and Lip Serums. You also have an option of having Voile No.5 applied too.  

As an hour long facial drew to its close, Tine ( who is very knowledgeable about beauty, health and skincare ) told me to stretch my arms and legs away from my body and offered me a glass of water ( during my previous NuBo facial I was offered a glass of champagne, which I kindly declined, as I think that a facial or massage shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. Treatments like that stimulate the detoxing process in your body, particularly when lymphatic drainage technique in involved, so drinking a glass of water is the best drink you can and should have after a facial like that ). 

All I can add here is that this facial is so powerfully transforming,  you can happily waltz out of the room with no make-up and look like a glowing, serene goddess ready to face the world. In my case, the effect ( plump, soft, dewy skin and a face that felt as if it was lifted and sculpted ) actually lasted for a couple of days.


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Nubo beauty

NuBoI am always on the lookout for new beauty brands that show promise andNuBo has been sitting on my ‘tester’ list for a little while, gaining momentum.

NuBo is a London based (but Russian in origin to a certain degree, as one of the founders is Russian-hurray, patriotism) and their approach to beauty is quite novel i.e. they produce high end cosmeceuticals without the nasty ingredients.

The brand was formulated by a French scientist called Colette Haydon, who uses the latest technologically advanced ingredients but at the same time makes sure that the products contain no parabens or SLS. However NuBo’s formulations contain lots of clever ingredients, including high levels of antioxidants and peptides (their Cell Dynamic Complex, which I haven’t tried, is actually fully patented).

One of their products is called Voileand it’s balm like formula smoothes our the skin imperfections and signs of tiredness. It comes in two shades-transparent and nude, the latter actually adding a little bit of colour to your skin, making it look luminous, partially due to hyaluronic acid that helps to even out the lines, if you have any on your face-an added bonus .) Voile smells faintly of roses and just makes the skin feel luxuriously soft and beautifully perfect.

The second product that looks like it will stay on my bathroom shelf is Cell Dynamic Bioelectric Buff. As I look after my skin, I know that using a scrub is important, especially as you get older because the skin on the face starts looking a bit more tired due to the slow down of the cell turnover.

 There are many scrubs I have used in the past but generally they can be easily divided into two categories-too soft or too harsh and I actually want a perfect amalgam of those two. This scrub looks like a clear gel with grey particles and it smells a little medicinally but very pleasant never-the-less. It scrub contains magnetite dust that actually re-energises your cells with bio electric currents. My skin doesn’t become red or irritated, instead appearing soft and polished. Daniela, a lovely motherly consultant at NuBo counter in Fenwick, told me that you can use this scrub several times a week without it causing any adverse effect on your skin-and her advice is knowledgeable. Beautifying and re-energising at the same time, what a good idea, incorporate it into your spring routine!

p.s as an after thought, I want to add that quite a few NuBo creams are quite expensive, ranging from £105 to £200, however the Voile costs £40 per 10 mls and Bioelectric buff £38 per 80 g which is very reasonable, considering the quality of the ingredients used.

p.s I have to say that so far the more expensive formulations (eye focus, cell dynamic defence serum and cell dynamic day performance failed to convince me-my skin doesn’t appear any different when I look in the mirror-but then I have only been using those three for about eight days)