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Skin and Tonic London product review

Earlier this year I published a post telling you about Sarah & Josh, founders of the natural British skincare brand Skin and Tonic London, a niche British natural beauty brand that has been gaining recognition and accolades for all the right reasons, one of them being the return to simple skincare routine. Having used various brand products pretty much since they launched their products in 2014, now is the time to spotlight some of their products individually and let you decided which one might appeal to you and your skin type.


But before I dive in and share my impressions and experience with some of Skin & Tonic products, I have asked Sarah to share some information about the product ingredients, that she considers to have ‘star’ power:

=&0=& – We use this magical, organic oil in our Steam Clean and Brit Beauty Oil. Thistle oil is made by cold pressing the safflower seeds creating a very dry, lightweight oil that is very rich in omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids which make up 80% of the oil, feeding the skin with important nutrients and keeping it plump and hydrated. These fatty acids help to lock moisture into the skin and prevent it from drying out. Unlike many oils, thistle is so light that it is absorbed into the skin without leaving residue.

=&1=& – We love this transformative ingredient ! Gentle and detoxifying, we use French Pink Clay in our Gentle Scrub (which doubles up as a mask). It is the mildest of all the clays and can be used on dry/sensitive skin types to cleanse, refresh and remove dead skin cells.

=&2=&–  Made from beautiful, organic Rose Centifolia flowers that are grown and distilled in the French Alps in pure air and clean soil. This flower water is made by high-ratio extraction levels (1 kg of plant material to obtain 1 litre of flower water), ensuring maximum levels of aromatic molecules and active ingredients. Rose Centifolia flower water has a green, floral scent and that soothes, hydrates and balances the skin. We use this ingredient in our Rose Mist.

=&3=& A midnight blue, inky oil this is an amazing skincare ingredient. Grown wild in France and steam distilled from the flowers. The oil contains high levels of Chamazulene, making it highly anti-inflammatory, anti allergic, antibacterial and cicatrisant (aids the healing of scar tissue). It is a key ingredient in our Calm Clean cleansing balm that gently removes dirt, whilst soothing, healing and reducing inflammation.


Products review

Calm Balm, 50g, £23: this was one of the first products from the range that I have tried and almost instantly it became a ‘comforting’ skincare friend on days when muscles seemed achy, post workout, or mind has been hazy with frustration. Sometimes just lifting the lid and deeply exhaling its comforting smell was enough, so it is a good product to keep not just in your bathroom cabinet but bedside table or desk ( since then Skin & Tonic has also started doing handy ‘miniatures’ that are perfect for being dotted around the house, in a workplace, handbag or during the travels ). It also works well on helping clear the nose, if you feel a little congested or to calm restless kids after a busy day ( just gentle tab in clockwise motion on their temples ).

In terms of texture and ‘feel’, it is a solid white-coloured balm that easily melts and sinks into the skin, leaving behind a soft veil of comfort – it is a bit more ‘firm’, compared to other balms in the range though.


Sarah’s tips on the best way to use this product:

1) Massage into your wrists and temples, breathe in deeply to help calm your mood
2) Massage into dry, delicate or cracked skin on face or body, for a hydrating moisture boost
3) Massage into your muscles pre and/or post yoga to help ‘deepen’ your practice
4) Apply to palms of your hands, then cup over your nose and take three deep breaths before bedtime, to help lull yourself off to sleep
5) Use to moisturise lips
6) Pat a small amount on very dehydrated skin at night and leave to hydrate and nourish through the night – wake up with happy, glowing skin.


  1. Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*
  2. Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil*
  3. Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*
  4. Anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile) flower oil*
  5. Calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract*
  6. Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*

*Certified organic by the Soil Association; 100% natural & organic



Steam Clean, 50g, £27: this softly soothing and nourishing cleansing balm smells of spearmint and eucalyptus, clearing the cobwebs from the mind, as well as gently but effectively cleansing the skin. I enjoy using this balm when it is cold outside, as it doesn’t strip the skin’s mantle but effectively lifts dirt and debris, as well as make-up, from your skin, leaving your skin a clean and soft canvas, ‘fertile’ for night-time nurturing and rejuvenation.

The balm has a ‘slippy’ texture, which makes your fingers easily glide across your face, not dragging the skin and making for an enjoyable ‘massaging’ experience a long the way. By boosting the circulation and cleansing your skin properly but without irritating it, you skin will be perfectly ‘primed’ to receive nutrients that will allow it to be on ‘perfect’ form.


Sarah’s tips on the best way to use Steam Clean & Calm Clean cleansing balms

1) Massage a small amount into your face and neck. Soak the cotton face cloth in warm water and hold against your face for one minute, to steam and activate the essential oils. Breathe in deeply and cleanse away.

2) This cleansing method also works well at removing make-up.

3) Apply a small amount to dry lips and dry skin patches for a nourishing, soothing boost.

4.) Calm Clean can be applied to small skin irritations, bites or stings, as the German Chamomile & English Lavender are analgesic/ anti-inflammatory oils.

5.) Mix with mineral powder to create a nourishing, calming cream blush.

6.) Use to maintain ‘flyways’ or to help shape eyebrows.

Ingredients:Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil *

  1. Carthamus tinctorius (thistle) seed oil *
  2. Cera alba (beeswax) *
  3. Borago officinalis (borage) seed oil *
  4. Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) leaf oil *
  5. Mentha spicata (spearmint) herb oil *
  6. Tocopherol (vitamin E) **
  7. *Certified organic by the Soil Association



Gentle Scrub, 100g, £18: I first got this product as an unexpected ‘bonus’ to my initial purchase at Content & was quite taken with its sweetly uplifting smell. This is a gentle scrub that can be used daily several times a week, if you skin feels like it. The benefit is double, as not only is it gentle enough for sensitive skin, if that is your skin type, but it also ‘detoxes’ the skin thanks to the French Pink Clay. It can double up as a skin mask (please see Sarah’s tips below) and will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and soft to the touch. It can easily form part of a nurturing ritual at the end of a day, when you let go of the worries of the day, observe your skin in the mirror, making a decision as to what it needs and mix this powder according to your decision on the skin treatment that night.


Sarah’s Top tips on using Gentle Scrub

Gentle Scrub
1) Add 1/2 tsp of powder to warm water to make a liquid paste. Massage onto damp face using gentle, circular movements twice a week to exfoliate.
2) Add a tsp of honey or yogurt to the liquid paste to create a hydrating face mask. Leave for 10-15 mins then rinse off with warm water. Use once a week as a mask.
3). Add a pea size amount of the Gentle Scrub with a drop of water and apply to spots with a q-tip, leave for 10 mins and then wash clean and moisturise.


  1. Zea mays (corn) starch *
  2. Avena sativa (oat) bran *
  3. French pink clay
  4. Probiotic yogurt powder
  5. Rosa canina (rosehip) seed powder
  6. Pelagonium graveolens (geranium) leaf oil *

*Certified organic; 100% natural, 74% organic


Calm Clean, 50g, £27: this heavenly cleansing balm, that is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin, has a beautifully unusual colour due the blue camomile flower oil. It has  a gently soothing and easily ‘meltable’ texture – as soon as you dip your finger into the jar and the balm ‘meets’ up with the warmth of the tips of your fingers, it is like an instant synergy. Cleaning with it is a pleasure, whether you feel a bit frazzled in the morning or tired in the evening – inhale its calming scent, take a few deep breaths and a gentle calm with descend on you.


It cleanses the skin effectively, even when you wear a ‘heavier’ foundation and leaves the skin soft and supple but don’t use it to remove your eye make-up. I sometimes add it to the ‘tops’ of my hands, when working at the desk and lacking focus and fairly quickly feel that cobwebs float away and calm concentration winning the reigns back. I would go on to say that among this brand’s cleansers, this one is my ‘best friend’ thus far.


  1. Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil *
  2. Cera alba (beeswax) *
  3. Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil *
  4. Daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract *
  5. Lavandula augustifolia (lavender) flower oil *
  6. Chamomilla recucita (blue chamomile) flower oil *
  7. Jasminum sambac (jasmine) flower extract

*Certified organic; 100% natural, 99% organic


Lip Balm, 4.3g, £3.50: this lovely ‘baby’ comes in three flavours – naked, peppermint and lemon. Nurturing, non-sticky and non-lip drying, unlike some other counterparts on the market ( you know those lip balms that make lips feel drier the more you re-apply them during the day ?) . This one is gentle enough for the kids ( so do stock up, if you have boys or girls. Little girls particularly are keen, as many of their friends use their mothers lipsticks and so when mine asked for a lip balm, I happily obliged, letting her choose the flavour and explaining that a lip balm shouldn’t be shared, unlike a cookie and that she is as yet too young to use a grown-up lipstick ).

I like using the Naked balm as a lip ‘primer’, before applying the red lipstick for example, especially if it has the matt texture and use Peppermint on those days when I don’t wear any colour on my lips, but still want them to feel & look beautifully cared for. The joy of simple skincare is that is helps enhance your beauty traits and makes you feel like you, just somewhat better.

Another good point to know about Skin & Tonic, is that they have added miniatures  (Calm balm, Steam clean, Brit beauty oil & Gentle scrub ) to their list of products, as well as a miniatures gift/travel set, so you can buy ‘minis’ to try the products, before committing to a fully-sized version of a product or use miniatures for your travels or keep them in your work desk, if you need to get ‘camera ‘ready’ before a work dinner date or social event straight after work.




  1. Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter *
  2. Cera alba (beeswax) *
  3. Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil *
  4. Mentha piperita (peppermint) oil *


  1. Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter *
  2. Cera alba (beeswax) *
  3. Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil *


  1. Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter *
  2. Cera alba (beeswax) *
  3. Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil *
  4. Citrus limon (lemon) peel oil *

*Certified organic by the Soil Association; 100% natural and organic.


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Winter Wellness: in-conversation with Skin & Tonic London founders

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Zk’in certified organic skincare review

If you regularly pop by my website, you might remember that a few weeks ago I wrote about Grace Culhaci, a British-born, Australian based entrepreneur who founded Zk’in skincare. Well, as promised, now is the time for the review of some of her products that I have been testing since September.

Zk’in is a fairly new Australian-born range ( the factory is based in Sydney ) for the UK shores & comprises 12 self-select products to address different skin concerns for different ages, ‘from teens to your wiser years’, according to Grace.


When it comes to Zk’in skincare Grace believes in having a holistic approach with the clinical feel. Each product is gentle but has powerful bio-actives formulations. Grace is firmly adamant that if a person is an avid smoker who occasionally pops into health stores to look for the latest supplements then Zk’in is definitely not for him or her. Our lifestyle determines our health, as well as the health of our skin on many levels – ignoring it and using the right skincare won’t solve pre-existing problems. Zk’in skincare has products for Oily/Combination skin; Normal/Dry skin; Sensitive skin & Anti-ageing treatment products suitable for all skin types.

Zk’in Softening Cream Cleanser with Natural Skin Hydrating Actives (normal or dry skin)


This cleanser was developed to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it of its normal moisture levels. One of the product’s star ingredients, Rosehip Oil, nourishes & supports skin’s suppleness, while Organic Aloe Vera will help to rehydrate, calm and firm your skin.

cleansing & toning for the skin is what shampooing and conditioning is to the hair

Squeeze some cleanser on your fingers and work it gently into your skin ( make sure you avoid the eye area ). Remove it with the cotton pad, then re-apply again massaging the contours of your face in a circular motion, from the outside in and then wash it off with warm water.

Don’t expect this cleanser to lather ! When you apply this light cleanser to your face & then add water, the formula ( a mixture of gel and lotion texture ) transforms into milk-like one. Once you wash it off your skin feels pleasantly cool to the touch, soft and really fresh, as if you have taken a plunge into the lake in the morning. The feel of my skin, particularly when used in the morning, reminded me of the feel of my skin in my 20s. I am not saying the clock were turned back but I certainly appreciate a product that makes me feel good about the state of my skin. Another note-worthy point is that the cleanser doesn’t contain alcohol, which generally have a very dehydrating effect on the skin.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) leaf juice*, Glycerin^, Rosa eglanteria (Rosehip) seed oil*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil, Sucrose cocoate*, Glyceryl stearate citrate^ (natural emulsifier), Avena sativa (Oat) kernel flour*, Leuconostoc/ Radish root ferment filtrate, Sucrose laurate, Lavandula hybrida (Lavandin grosso) oil*, Sclerotium gum (natural gelling agent), Parfum (natural preservative), Citrus aurantium dulcis (Sweet orange) fruit water*, p-Anisic acid (natural preservative), Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter orange) fruit extract, Linalool#, Tocopherol (non GMO natural Vit. E), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil. (*certified organic, ^palm oil free, #natural component of essential oil) 85.93% organic of total (Bitter orange) fruit extract, Tocopherol (non GMO natural Vit. E), Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil. (*certified organic, ^palm oil free ). 85.93% organic

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In-conversation with Tata Harper: on beauty, balance & motherhood

In the last couple of weeks Tata has been on the tour of Europe, presenting new product launches and catching up with retailers and her customers ( more of which later ). Her schedule has been relentless, yet she looked glowing when we met in London last week, as she was finishing her tour and planning to fly back home with her husband. Tata has such even, glowing skin, one needs to be very confident to take Instagram pictures with her and that is the testament to her skincare products ( only last weekend she was mentioned in Stella’s ’20 Cult Beauty Brands You’ve never heard Of’ but having met Tata a couple of years ago at Content I can testify that her skincare works on women from their 20 years upwards of 60 + – not a lot of skincare brands can truthfully say that is the case ).


Recently Tata launched two new cleansers ( Nourishing Oil Cleanser & Purifying Cleanser ) in the US and they are expected to reach British shores in January, so don’t spend all of your money in the run up to Christmas .) Unfortunately many women still lack the understanding that without properly cleansing their faces twice a day even the best skincare in the world isn’t going to solve their problems or slow-down the signs of ageing. That is why Tata is so passionate about the power of cleansing ritual, particularly at the end of the day, when you can lock yourself in the bathroom and thanks to her new cleansers pamper your senses and your skin.



Nourishing Oil Cleanser: it has a luxurious texture but is in no way greasy, so don’t be nervous. It will remove the make-up, even heavy one, while nurturing your skin and with the colour of liquid honey it is very pretty to look at as you apply it to your face. It contains Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, E, Lycoprene and Omega 3. This combination of ingredients will soften and purify the skin, as well as improve your skin’s texture with regular use and soften the skin, making it ideal for dry or de-hydrated skin. As this cleanser is an oil and oil pulls oil, after use excess sebum will be washed off and it will help normalise the process of cell turnover leading to even, healthy, beautiful skin that we all desire, irrespective of our age.

There is a lot of research into accelerated ageing due to the depletion of ozone layer and negative impact of free radicals

According to Tata’s cleansing protocol, here is the best way to use both of the cleansers ( they are ideal for evening use, when you skin needs a thorough cleanse after you have been out and about and gathered dirt and pollution on its surface ).


  • First, lightly wet the hands and pump a few pumps of the Nourishing Oil Cleanser into the palms. Smooth over your face so it’s completely covered and let it sit for a few seconds.
  • Splash a bit of water on the skin ( make sure it is luke-warm not hot or cold ) and begin a brief facial massage: really massage the oil into the skin in circular motions, focusing on the area around the nose, the cheeks, chin and forehead. This boosts micro-circulation, which flushes fresh blood and oxygen into the skin to give it a healthy glow.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


While the skin is still damp, apply a few pumps of the Purifying Cleanser to the whole face (and experience that incredibly zesty, wake-you-up scent!).

  • Massage lightly, to activate the enzymes and essential oils and to allow the product to really penetrate the skin. Make sure you avoid the eye area.
  • Rise thoroughly, and viola! Skin will be clean and tingling, soft to the touch and totally makeup free.

Purifying Cleanser has a creamy texture and was developed to detoxify the skin and help counteract the negative environmental factors that effect your skin daily and lead to premature ageing. It will help to get read of the dead skin cells and clear pores of excess oil. Tata created a powerful cocktail of soap-free purifying sugars, broccoli extract and fruit enzymes. It has a sort of minty smell and when you pat your skin dry after using it, you will feel a slightly cool sensation that is incredibly pleasant. With the use of those two cleansers, as well as regular exfoliation ( depending on your skin type ) your skincare products will penetrate better, making them more effective and helping to slow down the affect of time on your skin.

Engage with the customers!

Both formulas took about a year and a half to perfect from the moment of conception but Tata also says that while she loves the formulating & creative process, she also thoroughly enjoys meeting her customers and finding out what they think of the products, listening to their skin concerns and requests for new products. Those discussions often determine the process of next product development. At the same time Tata never rushes and takes time to develop the products until she is completely satisfied with what it does for the skin.

Another new addition to Tata Harper skincare range is the Moisturising Mask and when you smell it, you will be torn between slathering you face and neck in it or resisting the temptation to lick it – it truly smells as good as the dessert counter in Angelina in Paris.


This mask contains a proprietary MoistureMolecule Complex which will infuse your skin with bio-compatible Hyaluronic Acid to promote deep hydration. This treatment mask helps to protect skin from moisture loss ( by helping the water to circulate evenly within your skin matrix ) and adds beautiful luminosity to your skin within minutes – as it is a leave-on, overnight treatment, imagine its effect that is accelerated by skin’s renewal process during night-time, when you sleep.

The read more

Brand in the spotlight: AEOS organic skincare

I will be the first to admit that the choice of products and brands in the beauty market can be overwhelming and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the consumer to make the right choice for themselves. To buy products not on a whim, not because it is advertised on TV or pitched by the press but to make an educated choice, to find a brand or brands that will help to make a woman or man look like the best version of themselves, correct the  imperfections, address the problems and let the skin shine…. A lot of us also often make the choice based on the looks of the product or its packaging or a sales pitch, only to realise shortly thereafter that it doesn’t deliver or work for our skin type. The old saying remains true, don’t judge the book by its cover and I nearly made that mistake recently by not paying close attention. And what a mistake I could have made – welcome to the spotlight-AEOS ( Active Energised Organic Skincare ).


This organic brand has been on my beauty radar for a few months, I heard a few positive remarks and even popped by their fantastic stand at the Natural and Organic Show earlier in the year, but unfortunately the staff was busy and I didn’t get to ask any of my endless questions. I exchanged a few tweets with the brand and in early September, after I was asked a few questions about my skin ( smart brands, please take notice, that is how you build up the relationship with the consumer ), I was sent four products to try, all Blue: Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Gentle Exfoliant, Refreshing Hydrating Mist and Enriching Moisturiser. Before I talk about each product in more detail, based on using them for well over a month, let me tell you a little about this organic brand with a difference first.


AEOS is an advanced organic skincare brand that combines ingredients from the realms of plants world, minerals, colour and light. Intrigued? I thought you would be! Ingredients have been sourced from the soil that has been nourished and activated and not used and re-used again and again. A good farmer will always allow the soil to ‘rest’ at some stage, otherwise it gets depleted and so will the quality of produce. AEOS team made a conscious choice to use the best raw materials and one of the things that you have to remember is that each of their products needs to be ‘shaken’ gently before each use, in order for the optimum efficiency of the synergy of ingredients. The company also uses a unique energizing process ( see, we are all reminded a little bit of physics and chemistry that most of us forgot since leaving school )-in order to activate the products for the ultimate benefit of the user.

Mike Booth, the owner/founder of Aura-Soma (the manufacturer of AEOS products & a company at the cutting edge of Colour Therapeutics in the world), has been working in the cosmetics industry for the last 30 years, prior to which he did an extensive study of plant materials, crystals and gems in relation to the healing potentials contained within them. Mike studied homeopathic and other therapeutic modalities, before becoming the Owner/ Chairman of Aura-Soma. He is also a musician, an artist and a lecturer who travels around the world.


A while back Mike inherited many formulates from an apothecary of the ancient tradition, Vicky Wall, whose wish was to see these formulations actualized in current times, using bio-dynamic and organic ingredients where possible. Most of the ingredients of AEOS products are grown on Shire Farm, which is bio-dynamic Demeter certified and others are sourced from around the world from organic or bio-dynamic farms. When plants are cultivated on farms like that, they have more vitality and ultimately this gets transferred to you, the consumer, thus the brand’s core philosophy of ‘look after the soil, feed the skin, nourish the soul’.

All AEOS products are designed to be kept below 30C and are already sold and used in countries around the world (from England to Australia, from Japan to Russia). Although the climates are different, the products retain its quality and intention and the team (small but mightily united) receives regular feedback from customers on how AEOS has helped bring about a positive change to their complexion and daily life.
=&0=&AEOS was launched with the core skincare range of 11 face products, which form part of the phase three system of three Rs ( renewal, rebalance, replenish ) that includes tinctures of crystal energies together with waveforms of colour ( you have blue, yellow and pink products depending on your skin type ) thus allowing you to nourish not just your skin, but your mind in a more profound way. In our day and age, when we are daily exposed to city pollution, sun, working in the air-conditioned offices and other environmental aggressors, it’s becoming a trickier task to maintain the health of the skin, so AEOS helps you to restore the balance in your skin and protecting your skin when it needs to be. You can have a quick cleanse/hydrate/moisturise routine when you are doing things in a hurry or a longer, more nurturing ‘skin booster’ treatment in the evening, when you can add a serum or scrub for example.

AEOS Gentle Cleansing Lotion, 75 mls, £49.99: this very gently and creamy cleanser is a combination of organic and bio-dynamic essential oils, plant extracts, energies of gems and crystals, all of which make removal of make-up and daily impurities an almost meditative experience. The formula is very gentle and moisturising to start with-another thing to remember about AEOS products is that you only need a little bit at a time. You apply the lotion, spreading it with your fingers, massaging it into your skin and facial contours. Then you add a little bit of water that helps to activate plant extracts and fruit oils even further.


You need to apply this lotion to a slightly damp face to start with and when you add a little bit of water make sure it’s not hot or cold, but luke-warm and the lotion will leave your skin beautifully clean and well-moisturised. Its blue colour is derived from blue camomile flowers and it is enhanced by the inclusion of crystal essences of Rose Quartz, Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst and Turquoise. I know practitioners who infuse their oils with a specific crystal for a period of time, before bottling it but AEOS takes the power of crystals on a different, more powerful level as each crystal essence has its own unique quality and helps to change your energy particles. You also have elt, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Rose Hip, Argan, Rose and Grapefruit oils, as well as extracts of Lavender, Rose, Chamomile and Arnica that make the lotion both calming and balancing. When you apply it to your face, it smells of flowers and makes you inhale and exhale fully, a lovely reminder of how enjoyable and invigorating breathing can be.


The lotion comes in a small bottle with a twist cap at the top but I got a little annoyed with it, as I had to put some squeezing effort into it when the bottle became half-full and if I turned it and put it down on its ‘head’, then it leaves was some lotion residue on the glass shelf, as when you twist close the cap it squeezes a little bit of the product out. That’s not a criticism but my own little observation.

AEOS Gentle Exfoliant (Blue), 30 mls, £35.98: on those days when you feel that you skin needs an extra radiance boost, use this product. Unlike many scrubs it isnt’t too soft and or too rough-it is just gently effective-the only way I can describe it. It looks and feels like a creamy lotion, yet it contains grains that massage your skin, as well as help to get shift dead skin cells as you massage it in. Its lavender scent relaxes you and makes the process almost meditative in its beauty of revelation. You can use this scrub either in the morning or evening but how often should be determined by your skin type. If your skin is mature, use it once a week, if your have normal/dry/sensitive skin, you can use it twice a week and if you have combination or oily skin, you can use it up to three times a week but not more.


All AEOS products should be applied to slightly damp skin for maximum benefit and if you try to do it on dry skin, you will see a subtle difference. This exfoliant actually leaves your skin receptive to moisturising because it is rich in seed oils and it is only enhanced when you use a face mist followed by serum or moisturiser straight after.

Key ingredients of this exfoliant come from  nourishing Spelt oil as well as Jojoba, Hazelnut, Avocado, Argan, Sweet Almond, Lemon Myrtle and Lavender oils plus Rosewater and Calendula Extract.


A 30mls size of this exfoliant makes it very handy for travel, even when you are going away for a few weeks and I find it to be a really effective skin scrub when used over time.

AEOS Refreshing Hydrating Mist, 100 mls, £54.99: to be honest until recently I only could name one facial mist that I dearly loved that stood the test of time (or rather quite a few years) but this mist offers such a delicately subtle hydration that my hand goes to it again and again in the course of the day, when I am typing furiously on my laptop or Mac. It seamlessly blends organic and bio-dynamic essential oils with plant extracts and gem and crystal energies and hydrates your face, like a delicate dew on the flower leaves early in the morning (thanks to the fruit and flower hydrosols that not only refresh your skin, but balance it as well). And by the way, now is a perfect time to start using a toning mist again, especially if you don’t use a humidifier in your home.


You shake the bottle vigorously and then spray it a few times over you face and neck, if you feel like it, while inhaling its beautiful aroma. Do it after cleansing and after exfoliating and you will enjoy the heightened sensation of moisture on your skin (or spritz yourself when tired or sitting next to a radiator or at your office desk), as well as the product absorption into the next skin layer.

The colour blue of this refreshing mist is derived from gardenias. The mist itself combines crystal essences  of Opal, Amethyst, Charoite, Turquoise, Emerald, Quartz and Chrysoprase. In terms ofkey organic andbiodynamic ingredients you getRosewater, Lavender and Orange Extracts and Lemon Myrtle and Spelt Oils.  


While a 100 mls glass bottle might not be ideal for your hand or shoulder bag, it fits very comfortably into the palm of your hand and looks as beautiful on the bathroom shelf, as it does on your work desk.

AEOS Enriching Moisturiser (Blue), 50 mls, £58.99: this moisturiser is your ‘final frontier’ of sorts, as it helps to seal in all the moisture, replenishes the skin and supports regeneration process in your epidermis. It feels silky on your skin and makes for a great canvas for make-up with no need for primer. It feels quite rich but sinks into the skin almost immediately, leaving no oilines or residue and a faint smell of flowers on your skin. It lifts tired skin or skin that is exposed to office air-conditioning and my one and only small grumble here is that the pump comes too close to the neck of the bottle when pumped, so you have to wipe a little bit of the product off the bottle’s neck, unless you pump it out at a small angle.


The crystal essences list is absolutely dreamy here and includes Rose Quartz, Topaz, Orange Calcite, Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Sapphire and Turquoise. Mix it with Spelt, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan, Sweet Orange, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree and Lavender Oils, add some Rosewater, Lavender, Chamomile and Arnica Extract and you are in beauty heaven.


Mike’s desire is for AEOS to make a difference in the world and he is committed to focussing on the premium ingredients that go in to the product, rather than investing in unnecessary marketing and superfluous packaging. When I asked him about where he sees AEOS as a brand in the future, he replied that he would like to achieve a global presence of users, who appreciate the unique quality of AEOS products and understand the depth of difference within the quality and intention of the products.

The truth is this: I can’t name many skincare brands where I love the whole range of products and not just the select few and AEOS is now one of those brands for me, after using its products religiously for over six weeks. I know that their products and regime lead to skin ‘perfection’. I started noticing subtle differences in my skin after just two weeks use and within four people started telling me that my skin looked fresh and radiant. I had compliments from facialists, saying that I had beautiful skin and I could actually see for myself in the mirror that my skin was clear, with no blemish or imperfection in sight. If that is not a result we all want, tell me what other requests you might have.


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Your summer travel kit from Purepotions skincare

As vacation time is fast approaching, the ”To Do” and ”To Pack” lists continue to grow, leading to frustration and over-packing and possibly some tantrums down the road, if something important gets forgotten at home. I find that multi-tasking products work best, especially when it comes to the ”rescue remedy ” essentials and that’s why this latest launch from a lovely British organic skincare brand Purepotions is most definitely going on the road with me.


Purepotions was started by Natalie Balmond, who was desperately trying to find a safe and effective way to improve her daughter Lula’s severe eczema. Anyone who has ever battled skin conditions knows how painfully uncomfortable eczema can be, particularly for a child. The probem is all encompassing, particularly in the society that we live in, which is often driven by how we look on the outside and certain stereotypes.

Purepotions Rescue Salves come in a little cotton string bag and contain four little pots with screw on lids ( handy if little naughty hands want to grab and open them ): Arnica ( soothing and natural ), Lavender ( relaxing ),

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s5 organic cosmeceuticals Resilience Mask review

While I am meticulous about my morning and evening skincare routine, I use face masks from time to time ( even though most facialists have always told me that you need to use them at least once a week, as it will address your skin’s needs and make your skincare routine more effective ), as putting one on and walking around, while my other half is close by, isn’t something that I would voluntarily do-as far as I am concerned a woman should always retain an air of mystery, weather she is 18 or 75. But a recent launch from s5 organic cosmeceuticals skincare ( the Resilience Mask ) is something that is definitely changing my mind in terms of the use of masks on a regular basis and here is why.

s5 organic comeceuticals skincare is the brand that I have already written about in the past, so I do keep an eye on their latest developments and was lucky to receive a sachet of their new Resilience Mask earlier this month. My first impression was mixed, as I was given the wrong instructions about the amount of water I needed to add to the powder in order to create a mask and the experiment, while not at all unpleasant, made me have some doubts. Speedily updated instructions and two mask applications later ( within a course of a week ) have definitely changed my mind about using masks on a regular basis.

s5 Resilience mask is the cooling peel off mask that takes your skin from being reactive to becoming resilient to daily aggressors. Not complacent, but effective in a very innovative way-sort of an evolution of skincare, taking your usual perceptions on another level.

You take a powder sachet, tip it into a soup bowl ( it looks like cornflower, light and very fine), add 90 mls of warm water, mix it well, to form an even paste consistency with a spoon and then apply liberally with your fingers or face brush to your face. The mask itself feels quite gloopy in texture, but is easy to apply to your face and it certainly doesn’t drip off your face ( my personal tip is to apply it it in stages, standing over the bathroom sink as you build its composition up over your face ). I would also advice wearing a hairband, making sure your hair is out of the way and also making sure to omit the eye and eyebrow area, as well as your mouth. S5 team also recommend that you apply this mask after cleansing your face and putting on your S5 prescription serum, which will help to increase the penetration of serum bio-active ingredients, thus further enhancing the effect of the mask on your skin from the outside.


Once you apply the mask, you need to keep it on for 15 minutes. My first sensation was a little sci-fi, as the mask starts to feel pleasantly cooling on your skin. As time goes by you notice that it dries up, like an eggwhite on your face.


You might feel a little bit of tightness but not an uncomfortable way and then, 15 minutes later you start gently to lift it off your face with your fingers and it peels off, revealing soft, even skin that feels plump to the touch. If you have any little blemishes on your skin they will look less noticeable, so all you will need to do after it, is wash off some little residue and apply your usual moisturiser, before going to bed. Your skin looks healthier, clearer, calmer and more balanced straight away and that’s before you go to sleep, when the process of regeneration really does take place!


What are the main ingredients of this mask? The mask contains Marine Algae, ‘including mineral rich seaweed and plant protein mucilage to absorb heavy metal ions and protect against the damaging effects of daily pollutants which stress and aggravate the skin’,

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