Mikhail Baryshnikov Dancing Away photo exhibition at Contini Art UK

There is a saying that a truly talented person has multiple talents and that certainly rings true when it comes to Mikhail Baryshnikov. He is a renowned ballet dancer ( he trained at Vaganova School in Leningrad & entered the Kirov Ballet at 18 as soloist ),

artistic director of Baryshnikov
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Simon Annand at V&A

There is something magical about theatre and it doesn’t matter what age you are. I prefer the theatres that are smaller, more intimate and then you get to feel like you are part of that mysteriously creative process.

So, if you like theatre, you are bound to like Simon Annand’s exhibition ‘The Half’ at Victoria & Albert museum.

‘Half” is the term used in theatre, those sacred 30 minutes that actors get before the start of the play, when they immerse themselves in their creativity or just stay reflective, getting ready to surprise their audience. Rarely, if at all, you are allowed to see actors in those precious minutes but over the course of 20 years that’s what

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