Following fairy godmother’s advice: review of NCN Professional Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%

Recently my fairy godmother of age-proofing and hydrating supplements Kathryn Denzey ( founder of Rejuvenated Ltd, which created my favourite liquid collagen supplement Collagen Shots, as well as recently launched H3O that works on hydrating your cells – if you haven’t tried those already, there is nothing like the present to give it a go ) recommended someone truly lovely to me. Her name is Katy and she is the founder of the website called ‘Treat the skin you’re in which has great videos and a blog where Katy talks about skincare, as well as sells NCN Professional products, one of which, Multi-active peptide matrixyl serum 25% I have been rigorously testing since the end of May.   


Katy has worked for Virgin Atlantic for 11 years but in time Katy noticed that her skin wasn’t looking its best and like any wise women started looking for solutions. Eventually she came across the brand NCN Professional Skincare and after using their products as a customer for three years she decided that she actually wanted to sell the products, having seen the difference they made to her skin.

Until Kathryn and Katy mentioned NCN I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all but Katy kindly send me a serum to try and I must say that it turned out to be one of the nicest serums I have tried lately.

NCN range comprises of multiple products, including cleansers, toners, serums, cleansing bars and other products that address the multitude of skin problems for women of all ages. The serum that I am eager to tell you about is called Multi-active peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%


The serum itself is white in colour and feels like a feather-weight version of regular serum you already might have on your bathroom shelf. It has a very light fragrance and initially I was a little sceptical but intrigued that you can use it not just on your face but also on your neck, chest and even eye-lids. The serum also contains an ingredient that is very new to me, called Matrixyl ( Palmitoyl pentapeptide ) and in actual fact this serum is made up of a combination of Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 ( Palmitoyl terapeptide which inhibits & helps reverse glycation damage)

and Matrixyl Synthe
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