Xmas Gift Ideas ( Beauty ): Bodhi, Georgia Louise, Ilia, Kjaer Weis, Nourish Skin, RMS Beauty & Rouge Bunny Rouge

Whether you believe in magic or not, it is beginning to feel a lot like Xmas with the decorations going up, jingle bells playing and the air smelling of burning logs, marshmallows and hot chocolate. Festive season brings along the need and the desire to shop for gifts, so I thought I might start throwing some ideas out, like snowballs.

Rouge Bunny Rouge: I discovered this beauty brand earlier this year and feel that the products, as well as the amazing linguistic descriptions that are at the core of the brand, will make any woman happy when she receives them. With Christmas come various parties and what better way to enhance your own look then by emphasising your eyes. Rouge Bunny Rouge Nocturnal Ink ( newly launched this month ) is a beautiful satin eyeliner that feels like a Japanese calligraphy pen in your hand. This eyeliner ink provides a sleek, precise application that dries up very quickly. Dot the colour between the lashes along the lash line so you have a ‘fuller’ line that will give your eyes a more magnetic emphasis. The eyeliner works well even on sensitive eyes and has been both dermatalogically, as well as ophthalmologically approved. The ink comes in three shades-sooth black, deep ebony brown and midnight petrol blue, so you are bound to find the one that will compliment any eye colour.


When I first tried the eyeliner, just on its own, a few hours later the line was a little smudged, so I got in touch with RBR team and received lots of helpful and practical tips, like ‘try priming your eyelid. Of course everyone’s skin is different, but RBR make-up artists and team use the liners with RBR Long-lasting Eye Shadow’ or ‘a hint of powder also works perfectly fine under the eye shadow and liners to enhance the staying power’. Once I used the eyelid primer the whole look worked perfectly and it has become one of my favourite make-up tools since then. Add ‘When birds are singing’ long-lasting eye shadow in ‘Rain dove’, which is a light caffè latte hue or ‘Rufus-tailed Weaver’ which is a darker dusky brown, your ‘make-up look’ will be enigmatic and current. The brand also added new blender brush 016 and loose glitter pigment ‘Fire Drops’ in ‘Eaten all the cherries’ that you can apply around the eye for a more festive look and you are guaranteed to look, as well as feel the belle of the ball.


Another great gift idea can be RBR ‘Silvan’ perfume which has a sensuous aroma drawn from shaded earth, leathery leaves and forest trees, as well as from the streaming sunlight and the refreshing bite of bitter greens. The perfume blends juniper berries with sparkling grapefruit, so you get a cooly composed presence, like an Ice Queen on a  gloriously sunny day. You also have smooth accords of guaiac wood, smoky incense, vibrant black pepper all of which are propelled by patchouli, liquorice and cedarwood.


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Content hosted event with RMS Beauty founder, Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty is a line of organic make-up products ( plus multi-tasking cleanser & beauty oil ) that was created by a celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. It is based on organic and clean living principles and the products are formulated with raw, unrefined, organic ingredients. I have been using this line of beauty products for a couple of years now and my love affair with the brand started with RMS beauty raw coconut cream that is one of those incredible multi-taskers-a great cleanser that nurtures your skin and is full of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, as well as offering protection to your skin from free radicals, which can accelerate the ageing process.

Luckily for me, I was invited to attend the event that my favorite organic read more

New from RMS-lip shine

RMS Beauty is a great brand that doesn’t launch new products often, but when it does, I place an order almost instantly.


My recent purchase was RMS‘s new lip shine in ‘sublime‘. This new product is a combination of gloss and lip balm in one, which contains nourishing moringa oil ( source of natural fatty acids ) and vitamins A & C. It comes in three shades: –sublime ( a very bright fuchsia pink but it looks great when you apply it-go easy to start with ! ), – bloom( a rosy pink that is nicely subtle ) and –

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Organic make-up:W3ll People

You know how I keep on talking about using organic creams, lotions and potions lately? Well, I have been looking for organic make-up brands that would work for me (queue-the ones that look like they belong in the 21st century and combine organic ingredients with skin improving/booosting formulations) and until a few months ago the only one worth raving about was RMS Beauty ….

Well, now there is a new noteworthy American organicmineral make-up beauty brand on the block: it’s called W3ll People and its formulations are really great. So far I have tried two products that are worth shouting about, so let me tell you about them in turns:

Narcissist foundation/concealer: it is a stick foundation that doubles up as concealer. This creamy stick is ‘60% organic andWP2 100% fierce”-sounds like Beyonce .) It doesn’t contain parabens or petroleum ingredients. It doesn’t melt in the heat and is light enough to let your skin breath. This concealer/foundation contains pomegranate that is quite soothing & restoring for the skin and unlike some organic brands that I  tried before, it smells really nice-a little flowery and a little bit calendula-ey. It is a little ‘rich’ as concealer so apply a little bit at the time and blend well.

Universalist luminous multi-use
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Natural Beauty of Imelda Burke-Being Content

Certain processes in life are gradual, you start the journey with one intention and sometimes end up in a different place all together-this definitely applies to my love of cosmetics and beauty brands.

If someone said to me a few years ago that I will take organic brands seriously and not just that, but start using them more often than the more well-known cosmetic brands and that their effect on my skin will be quite profound, I would have giggled at best. But as they say, life is a journey, we live and learn.

My opinion about organic brands and the actual consideration of what is it that I actually put on my skin started to gradually change when I got pregnant with my first child. When you become a mother, your life changes instantly and you start questioning your judgement while caring for a tiny bundle, who can be susceptible to the nasty environmental effects with long-term health side effects. And one of the first things that I realised was that Johnson’s baby products didn’t work for us and I wanted to use something gentle and full of goodness on my child’s skin, yet there was hardly anything on the shelves at the time-be it for the mother or the baby for that matter. 

I went for treatments to Michelle Roques O’Neil and she mixed me oils to nurture my skin and the baby growing inside of me- myBeingContent body bounced back pretty quickly post birth and I had no stretch marks. I massaged my babies with Michelle’s oils (my son hardly even had a cold in his first year of life) and desperately wanted to find a place where I could try a variety of effective organic skincare. I started looking around, trying things but remained skeptical and then, one gloomy day, I was passing a small store, off Marylebone High street and the name Content beauty/well-being attracted my attention. I went inside and the first thing that caught my eye was the Butter London nail polishes ( I used to go and have pedicures by the lovely woman who started the brand called Nonnie Creme at Vaishaly’s spa). The place was quite, in a meditative kind of way, and the staff didn’t hassle me, allowing me to get on with peaceful browsing.

Time passed and a few months ago I popped into the store again, looking for something for my skin that has become a little temperamental. A young woman, called Cindy answered my questions and recommended a brand called Amala, that she used on her skin. The range had a cute packaging and smelled delicious, so I thought I would try one of the cleansers. I also got some Suki products (unfortunately my skin didn’t like it but it was my choice, not a recommendation and there is a lesson in it-everyone’s skin is different, so it doesn’t mean that this brand won’t work for you !) and decided to buy a couple of products from  the range called Stem Organics-so that’s how it started and this love affair continues to grow. I now also buy RMS Beauty products there, Dr. Alkaitis, Barefoot Botanicals, W3ll People and Suvana’s paw paw and honey balm.

The store itself reminds me of the apothecaries with interesting products on the shelves, yet the whole place breaths health and BeingContent2contentment-it’s in the small hand held mirrors hanging on the walls, in the decor that accentuates the brands yet doesn’t push anything on you-it always whispers to you ‘come in, browse  and you will discover a secret that is just waiting to be discovered by you’. 

Content was started and remains a huge passion of Imelda Burke, who cherry picks small, niche organic brands (some of the products are uniquely distributed by Content boutique or their online store ) that in the long-term will revolutionise our skincare routine and well-being. Her staff is smiley, welcoming and honest, so when you make your choice, you know it will work, hence you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes the store can be quite, with just a couple people browsing and sometimes it’s full of laughter, as women of different ages seem to converge on it and exchange tips and happy banter, while browsing the shelves. I have never seen a place like that before in London and can truly say that their customer service is second to none. You can try the products there or ask for samples and if you place orders on the Internet, not only do they arrive pretty speedily, but your package always contains samples, often of the brands that might not be well-known now but will definitely grow and become big.

I couldn’t resist asking Imelda a few questions and she was kind enough to answer them, so please read the Q & A below. Having metBC3 Imelda I can honestly say that her passion for natural cosmetics is contagious and I only wish that more of you started thinking about what it it that you are actually  putting on your biggest organ, your skin, daily and what goes into your body and blood stream. Don’t you deserve to be healthy and beautiful, just like the nature and life cycles intended?           

Q & A with Imelda Burke, owner of  Content store in Marylebone

GAP: Can you please tell me about your professional background and how you the idea of Content was born?

Imelda Burke: I was in the fashion industry for 15 years. The idea came from my own needs really. I had a mild skin condition from birth and was prescribed creams for it by my doctor. In my 20’s it suddenly occurred to me that I had been rubbing this cream on my whole body for over 20 years – everyday! I looked at what was in it and didn’t like it, so looked for alternatives. This lead to a dissatisfaction with what was available in the natural and organic sector. I didn’t want to purchase my products from a health food store. So I created CONTENT.

GAP: What has been the biggest lesson you learnt while setting up Content?

Imelda Burke: I started in a recession with a very niche product selection. The greatest lesson has been learning to hold your nerve. Three and a half years down the line the new brands we had at the time, which no-one was interested in, are now becoming household names. You need to be incredibly passionate about what you are doing when setting up a small business independently. It is this passion that keeps you going late at night.

GAP: From your point of you, what’s your secret of running a successful beauty store with a difference?

Imelda Burke: Customer service. Switching beauty brands is like starting over again. Many of the people that shop with us are trading up to natural and organic brands for the first time and it can be confusing choosing where to start. I wanted the store to have a more personal feel to it and I think people appreciate the extra lengths we go to. We don’t always get it right but we always attempt to.

GAP: How do you choose which brands to stock and which has/have been the biggest success/surprise so far?

Imelda Burke: There are lots of different criteria to choosing the brands we stock, ingredients being only of them. This sector can be confusing with the different certification bodies, some brands choosing not to certify, and some synthetic ingredients being allowed under certification. So we aim to provide an open discussion between brands and customers.

GAP: Can you please share a few of your full-proof beauty secrets?

Imelda’s Tips:

  • Sleep!. My skin looks rubbish if I have a late night.
  • Raw

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