Terranova Green Child supplements for the kids

With so much confusing advice circulating about our own eating habits – what’s in, what’s out?- it is even trickier to find consistent guidelines on what we should be feeding our children. read more

Roots & Bulbs and why it is so much more than a place to get a cold-pressed green juice

In the last year alone London seems to be catching up with the juicing trend that has been long popular in New York and LA but as they say, don’t follow trends, create your own and this is exactly what Roots & Bulbs in Marylebone is doing.


A few months ago I started noticing tweets from Roots & Bulbs and as a consequence went on their blog that made me even more curious ( once curious, always curious ). The opening date kept on being pushed back and so my curiosity only grew but foodie gods answered my prayers & I was given a handsomely sturdy box full of Roots & Bulbs bottles. Now, when I say the word ‘juice’, what comes to mind? Probably a supermarket carton or plastic bottle filled with something too sweet but have you ever asked yourself why does the one you make at home, from scratch, tastes so different? When I opened a bottle of Roots & Bulbs G1 my first thought was ‘wow, I didn’t realise that green juice can be so delicious and refreshing and not sugary at all’ ( most juices are pasteurized, in order for them to stay longer on the shelves but the process depletes the actual juice from nutrition. Remember that next time you are boiling your vegetables ). After downing a few bottles of G1 ( cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger & spice ), G2 ( cucumber, spinach, romaine, apple & herb ) and

G3 (
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