Galina Loves: face cloths

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Winter Wellness Series: Skinesis Liquid Facial resurfacer

Sarah Chapman is a well-know facialist and a secret to many women’s glowing complexion, so you might want to keep an eye on her new product launches, if you already are not familiar with her skincare line Skinesis.  Last December her latest addition, Skinesis Liquid Facial Resurfacer, has landed on my desk. Truth be told I was both curious and a little nervous, as I am tend to have peels applied to my skin only during a facial and not in the privacy of my own home. But first, let’s talk a little about resurfacing and peels in general.


Did you know that by ‘removing’ the top layer of the skin, you can actually persuade your skin to rejuvenate itself? There are now multiple procedures you can try read more

August beauty trial: Caudalie, W3LL People, Skinesis & Teatox

September is upon us and the air is becoming distinctly chillier, leaving you under no illusion that summer is over. However sunshine always makes an appearance, whatever the time of the year, so let me share my August beauty ‘trials’ with you, some of which are potential all-year-round ‘beauty keepers’.


Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30, 30 mls, £44

It has been a busy year so far for Sarah Chapman, with the opening of her read more

Skinesis Overnight Facial Supplement review: a tablet & a capsule for better skin & sleep

My dear friends and readers, forgive me for my silence over the last few weeks, I consciously wanted to take some time off writing and detox my brain a little bit, while on a summer holiday. It doesn’t mean that I stayed completely idle though, as I packed Sarah Chapman‘s first supplement ( called

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Sarah Chapman’s flagship store and Skinesis clinic

To fulfil one’s dream, especially if you dream big, takes time but it is encouraging and inspiring to see someone succeed, especially if you have admired what and how they do it over the years.  Recently I was lucky to be given a private tour of Sarah Chapman‘s global flagship store and new Skinesis clinic which opened right in the heart of Chelsea – it is a calm and heavenly oasis that takes the concept of modern beauty to a new level.


Located in the quiet enclave of Pavillion Road, in place of what used to be a ground floor children’s store, now it is a 3,000sq/ft space, split between retail and consultation space on the ground floor and seven room treatment clinic upstairs.


When you enter the store, all high ceilings and lots of light, you are welcomed by the smiling & chic staff ( personally  I appreciate both male and female perspective on skincare & products & your other half might benefit from advice as well, if he comes with you or on his own), who will happily guide you to the area of your choosing, depending on your needs.


There is a Theory Bar ( you can sit, talk, apply the products and learn the best techniques and tips ). In the future Skinesis dermal experts will host masterclass sessions on subjects like cleansing, using Sarah’s unique experience and application methods. Armed with the right skincare products and tips, you will go home where you will skilfully look after your skin, making sure it looks healthy and beautiful, irrespective of your age. There are also iPad stations, in case you come with kids or your companion, so they will be entertained while you have some ‘me-time’.



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Sarah Chapman’s Sculpting Body Massager

With the sun finally gracing us with its presence, out come summer clothes, lighter skin/bodycare textures and more exposed silhouettes, forcing us to urgently re-think out beauty & fitness strategies and this is where Sarah Chapman, a beautiful & wise fairy godmother comes in, with her recently launched Skinesis Sculpting Body Massager ( the Bodylift ).


If you already have a fitness regime in place, this gadget will be an added bonus. If not, it will be your helpful assistant, spurring you on. Sarah Chapman is one of London’s top facialists who is slowly and timely expanding her products range much to the joy of her loyal and growing fan base. I already have Sarah’s facial massager in my arsenal, which I use in the evening: it helps to wake up the circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage, on top of my evening skincare routine. Having this great tool under her belt, Sarah decided to apply a similar principle to our body, as regular massage has multiple benefits.


Sclupting Body Massager has 12 rolling heads and 72 massaging modules that will encourage, with regular use ( and by regular I mean daily ) your lymphatic system to drain toxins and reduce puffiness, if you are prone to it, thus improving the appearance of the skin, as well as its texture ( you can use it on your upper arms, thigh, bottom and lower legs ). By massaging those areas firmly ( I use it about 15 times on each area, going from the top of the area downwards ) you will ease muscle tension after a busy day on your feet. It feels great to use it after a workout session as firm massaging action helps to release lactic acid from your muscles ( in winter taking hot baths with Epsom or Himalayan detox salts helps but in warmer months you might not want to be in a hot, steaming bath, preferring a speedy shower instead ).


It’s a nice addition to your beauty, skin health as well as fitness routine at the end of each day, as massage relaxes everyone, from babies to elderly people, working subliminally on our minds as well. This clever gadget will make your skin feel warm to the touch after use and I definitely feel more light-footed when I use it in the evening, particularly when I have been walking & running around non-stop and my calves feel heavy. It introduces the sense of muscle relaxation, leading to hopefully a deeper and more relaxing night’s sleep plus its action benefits your muscles and skin not just internally but externally as well.

Sarah recommends applying her Overnight Body Treatment which is a fragrant & nurturing body oil alongside her Bodylift but you can apply your usual body cream, serum or oil that works for your skin ( at the moment I use Sunday Riley’s Disrobe Body Lotion which is a lovely multi-tasker, as it firms, detoxifies, exfoliates and hydrates the skin, while its delicious smell of caramel appeals to my sense of smell & my sweet tooth, without the extra calories. A combination of Blue agave, Night Blooming Cactus, Prickly Pear, Lady’s Slipper Orchard & Bio-fermented Aloe proactively works on preventing cellular inflammation, which combined with the massaging action becomes doubly powerful ).


I think combining clever gadgets with multi-tasking skincare will benefit your long-term well-being. Taking time out at the end of a busy day in the privacy of your own bathroom, reflecting on your day, while nurturing your face and your body is a necessary, meaningful luxury that you really need and deserve.

Eye Roll-On

One often gets very confusing advice about the eye area. Some people suggest ‘tapping’ the cream into the area, some say that the cream ends up creating under-eye bags, which we all want removed later in life, but the question remains-how do you look after the under the eye area?

Generally I tend to put a tiny amount and gently tap it on (I rate very highly Caudalie’s contour cream eye & lips for the morning, Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis eye recovery for the night and Body shop’s vitamin eye cream (it was recommended to me by Vaishaly) for when the skin needs a little tender loving care), but today I bought Garnier’s Caffeine roll-on which also contains grape anti-oxidants (which, by the way, are being used and talked about more and more often, since the stratospheric rise of Caudalie products).

The massage roll-ball feels cool on the skin and the anti-dark circles formula goes on smoothly and hopefully effectively too.) It refreshes the skin under the eye and boosts the radiance of that area. Currently Boots has some special offers on this and some other roll-ons in that range. Try it and let me know what you think.