Souffle Soap & Tea: new launches from Asapoth

No matter how long I have been writing about beauty & wellbeing, I never get jaded about products, brands and people that I get to know or learn about. At this stage I can fairly quickly (and in read more

How NOT to get overwhelmed by January

Since the first of January knocked on our door, I have been receiving a bountiful stream of e-mails about detoxing, healthy living and the way to help with New Year, New You resolutions. While I actually subscribed to those news alerts in the first place, I find that a few days in I am actually geting stressed and somewhat overwhelmed by those e-mails, that seem to pull me into different directions. Instead of too much information, I actually crave calm and focus! I don’t want a ‘new’ me – there was nothing wrong with the ‘old’ me in the first place, what I DO want is a better version of myself, the one that gets back on track of daily life after the festive indulgence, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing it quickly and taking on too much is a root to failure, so instead I am taking things slow and easing myself in gently into 2017.

Below are a few suggestions that I hope will resonate with you and if they don’t, please feel free to comment and share what works for YOU, making return to work and hectic schedules easier !

  • Start the day five minutes early, allowing yourself to meditate, dream or just enjoy

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August beauty trial: Caudalie, W3LL People, Skinesis & Teatox

September is upon us and the air is becoming distinctly chillier, leaving you under no illusion that summer is over. However sunshine always makes an appearance, whatever the time of the year, so let me share my August beauty ‘trials’ with you, some of which are potential all-year-round ‘beauty keepers’.


Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30, 30 mls, £44

It has been a busy year so far for Sarah Chapman, with the opening of her read more