Xmas Gift Ideas: Organic Pharmacy Beauty drops

If you are a natural beauty or your friend for whom you are a choosing a gift is, then consider this latest addition to the Organic Pharmacy range, their aptly named Beauty Drops which can be used in several ways.


Organic Pharmacy is a port of call for a multitude of things like lovely skincare, wellbeing consultations, as well as homeopathic advice and clever tinctures for health issues like flu, colds, problems with hormones or skin but this product takes it further – who doesn’t want to be energetic, as well as beautiful? Add five drops daily to your drinking water to fortify body and skin from inside or add two to three drops to your current serum, moisturiser in order to give your skin an almost instant energetic boost, adding a pretty glow to the skin when it needs it the most.


 Beauty Drops contain the following ingredients:




Centella Asiatica Extract

Panax Ginseng Extract

Vaccinium Myrtillus Extract

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Xmas Gift Ideas: something old, something new from Aromatherapy Associates

When it comes to choosing a gift I try to look for things that I know will appeal to the recipient, considering their interests or preferences but some gifts are easy to choose because they are not just beautiful but they carry a deeper meaning. With that in mind can I draw your attention to a couple of things from a cult favourite British brand Aromatherapy Associates ?


In Russia candles are part of our culture, we use them at home, like everyone else but we also light them when we go to church. We light them for the ones we love, as well as those that we have sadly lost, while silently saying our prayers & drawing comfort & strength from the burning flame.

One of Aromatherapy Associates founding partners, Geraldine Howard, is a cancer survivor and when battling the disease she tried to focus on creating something that will not just help her fight the disease, but draw comfort and strength from as well. That was how Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil, followed by Inner Strength Body Oil and this year the range got a new addition, an Inner Strength Candle.


When you lift the purple lid you get an instant uplifting smell that somehow makes your feel happy & inspired within seconds – such is the power of aromatherapy ! As you light the candle the space around you starts infusing with the fortifying combination of frankincense and spicy cardamom creating the special ambiance in which you will luxuriate like a cat lying on a sunny patch.


The candle’s simple white glass case design embossed with a golden ‘A’ will appeal not just for Christmas but throughout the year. There are a lot of candles on the market that have petroleum residue so it is always worth it to scan the list of ingredients to make sure that your choice is made from soy, beeswax or natural vegetable-based wax.

Whether you choose to buy this candle for yourself or gift it to your party hostess or a friend, know that you will bring calmness and strength to them. We never know what is around the corner and when each one of us will need a protective invisible armour of comfort, strength and serenity, so do share this beautiful gift of positivity & calm.


Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength candles are hand-poured in the UK and made from the high quality soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks. 100% GM free. 10% of read more

Xmas gift ideas: Tara Stiles ‘Make Your Own Rules Diet’ book

I have been meaning to start the Christmas Gift series in December but things seem to be landing on my desk fast and furious, plus I am sure some of you prefer to get gifts now, rather than at the last minute, so hopefully our intentions will collide – I will try to inspire you and you will hopefully find the gifts that people you care about will appreciate, if not love. With my love of reading I though I will start with a book and even though it is the third book by this young woman, I honestly think it is her best yet. Tara Stiles is an American yoga force to be reckoned with. She is as tall and willowy as a ballerina, she has a joyous twinkle in her eyes, she will hug you if you will ask her to and her Strala yoga classes are a treat, whether you are new to yoga or do it on a regular basis.


Tara’s previous two books were yoga focussed but this one is probably the most meaningful for her because it helped Tara to subconsciously heal from something that she experienced in the past and didn’t necessarily want to think about or share. The premise of ‘

Make your own rules
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