Talking politicians & stranded people

Even if you haven’t been travelling lately it’s been impossible to escape the news about Icelandic volcano eruption, ash in the atmosphere and closure of the airspace across Europe.

I have friends who were stuck in Europe, going from place to place, trying to get home, eventually. My husband got stuck in Kiev, while on business but he was quite lucky that it only took him two days to get back home via plane to Milan-train to Genoa-car to Nice-car to Calais and our very dear friend driving from the UK to pick him up, as no rental cars were allowed out of France.

Yesterday I was watching ITV news and trying not to cry, looking at desperate people, especially the ones with small children, who are still stuck, who have no money, some have expired visas, some have ran out of important medication and no one is helping them to get back home. Not the government, not the British officials, not the airlines or car rental companies. Some companies are raising their fares or tariffs, trying to make a profit out of someone’s misery, and many simply don’t care about the stranded passengers.

Until recently I was under the illusion that it was the Russian government which treated its citizens as cattle (well, not if you listen to the daily news reports, which are beyond glowing!)  but that the British government and society were different. I am under no illusion any more!!!!

We are in the midst of the election campaign fever, watching Brown, Cameron and Clegg campaigning around the country but with all of their talk, none of them (!) were decisive in sorting the very pressing problem of getting the Brits back home. David Cameron talks about changes, so does Mr. Clegg while PM Brown has the actual power to do something still. At the moment it appears that the only thing those three politicians are truly capable of  is talking. When it comes to action, to actually doing something for the people and not beating himself on the chest about it, they just don’t deliver and actions-or in this case, lack of, speak louder than words. All I can say is shame on you. And election results, whoever wins, make me depressed already. So much for the so-called democracy.

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