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TH1Unfortunately our kids are being born in a much worse environment then we did. The air is more polluted, the water is less clean, there are more diseases and natural disasters, more additives in the food and things we use on our skin. All of the above are among the factors that make kids more susceptible to being born with asthma and skin conditions like eczema. At the same time, we, adults and parents can make a conscious choice too, by paying attention to what we are eating and drinking, how we are cooking and cleaning the places we live in and what we put on our kids skin, meaning both clothes and skincare. I would also haste to add that our kids need to go out and play with mud and run in the parks, without us being paranoid and wiping their hands every five  minutes too.

I have a dear friend, whose child developed eczema in the second year of life and while it’s quite mild and not distressing to the child, one worries as a parent and wants to make it go away. So, where do you start?

I strongly believe in a combination of medical and holistic-while not taking the importance of doctors or medicines off, I know from my own experience that holistic medicine or practitioners can be of great benefit to one’s health, be it a child’s or adult’s. For now, I can recommend a Canadian skincare brand that was developed for kids and that my friend ‘road-tested’ (both the Super Smoothie Cream, that smells so good you will be tempted to think of cupcakes or cookies every time you open the jar, and the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder) and now uses regularly and lovingly on her child, whose skin is getting better.

 Below is the Q&A with Tawna Hill, a lovely founder of the Tawna Hill Baby Natural baby care.

Can you possibly tell me a little about your background and how long it took you to develop the products?

TH: I worked with exclusive and high end brands in the cosmetic and beauty industry for 19 years.  Quality of products has always been extremely important to me. I worked in several facets of the industry including artistry, sales development, training and finally management. 
The reason I started Tawna Hill Baby is because of my little miracle girl Olivia. When I was 3 months pregnant and working I found out I had a brain tumor and had to undergo radiation treatments with her inside of me. (A little scary when the doctor’s had never seen this situation before…) Thank god they took every precaution to make sure both myself and baby were safe. With my knowledge and resources I wanted to give back to Olivia by starting her off natural & chemical free once she was born. I feel like she saved my life and I owe it to her to be as safe as possible while she’s growing up. Having worked in a world where you can hardly pronounce the ingredient names on a jar I knew I wanted to create something that was totally chemical free.
So, I began to research and then worked closely with a certified aromatherapist and created all of the THB products. It was important to me to have products to use that not only give results but the texture had to feel like luxury product when applied to the skin without the chemicals. 
Did anyone help you in the product development and testing stage?
TH: We developed our products with a small natural product lab in Vancouver. In terms of testing… As our products contain all natural ingredients and our teams experience with how our formula components work together the testing was done on my baby Olivia and our families little ones.

 Why did you choose oats and milk-milk, for example, if often named as a cause of eczema in kids under one?

TH: Colloidal oatmeal has always been an amazing ingredient for calming irritated skin conditions so that was the main purpose in using it in the bath powder. From my knowledge it is quite rare around 6% of children experience a reaction from colloidal oatmeal. We also created a Bubble – Free Bath Wash as an alternative to bathe with in such cases as allergies to oatmeal. 

How effective are the products?

TH: The products all have a signature essential oil blend specifically formulated to have calming and soothing attributes. They were not designed to be a cure by any means, and we do not make that claim… however; our customers have experienced cure-like results for many ailments.

Are you stocked up anywhere in the world apart from Canada yet?

TH: We would love to be, but we have not yet had the opportunity to get in front of those buyers. (Note : the products can be ordered online and shipped to the UK, which takes 4 -6 weeks).

Do you have any tips on treating eczema?

TH: As per the above answer our aim was not to produce a cure, so all we can suggest is the content from the testimonials our customers have sent us. The majority have experienced great eczema relief from using the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and Super Smoothie Cream thereafter. 

Currently there are 6 products in the Tawna Hill’s skincare line: a Super Smoothie Cream(a luxury moisturiser, which contains calendula and organic hemp & almond oils), a Milk & Oatmeal bath powder (which helps to sooth even the most delicate of skins and helps to relieve rashes and eczema), Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care (will help to lift and gently remove the flakes from the babies delicate scalp),  Bubble Free Bath Wash (which calms, cleans and soothes the skin with orange blossom & lavender non-foaming rinse that is free from sodium laurel sulfate),  a Comfy Soft Talc-Free Powder(contains orange blossom, roman chamomile and a blend of essential oils) and a Sleepy Massage & Calming Oil (babies love to be touched and massaged, which strengthens the bond between a parent and child and it calms and reassures the little ones. This might do a tired parent some good too!).

And my feeling is that a mother like Tawna, who has been through some serious health problems herself, will be extra choosy about the things she would use on herself and her daughter-call it higher wisdom and consciousness-what better endorsement would another mother need?


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