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Hair is something that matters a lot to our appearance and external confidence, no matter the age. Sadly Covid has impacted not only the state of our overall health and state of mind, in many cases it negatively affected the state of our hair and nails. Not surprisingly searches for effective haircare products, as well as the products to stimulate hair & nail growth, have been skyrocketing. With that in mind I was curious to try California-based Lovesong Beauty haircare products and see how they compare with mainstream haircare.

Lovesong Beauty Haircare

Emily Bowman, founder of Lovesong Beauty, prides herself on having created effective haircare products that hit many important marks. The brand is natural, vegan, cruelty-free & eco-friendly when it comes to not just the packaging, but shipping and labelling. But at the heart of her brand manifesto are the products that are effective, unique and kind not just to your hair and skin, but to the planet too. For her sustainability isn’t just fundamental, it’s sexy too!

Lovesong Beauty Evergreen Shampoo, 237ml, $32

Lovesong Beauty Haircare duo

First and foremost this shampoo is gentle on both hair and scalp and it uses colour-safe ingredients, so if you have coloured hair, the pigment won’t be stripped or effected. Emily formulated the shampoo to both revitalise hair strands and shaft, as well as leave the hair feeling fortified. Often with shampoos hair ends up feeling like straw before you apply a conditioner, but this shampoo both lathers well and makes the hair feel soft and smooth straight after.

Another impressive aspect of regular use of this particular shampoo is that it helps to remove product build-up, in case you use a few on your hair regularly, whether to enhance your curls or smooth the frizz. A shampoo that works for all hair types and textures – it certainly does on both fine and coarse, thick hair in my household. I have allowed my children to try it on their hair and they both enjoyed the experience, as well as the smell of the shampoo. You will find ingredients like Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Seaweed (Wakame) in the shampoo’s formula and the energising scent was created using botanical extracts of lemon, orange, balsam fir, eucalyptus and ylang ylang.

efficacy of hair & scalp care coupled with botanic extract scents

While reviewing this shampoo, I also wanted to address the subject of natural vs mainstream/mass haircare products. Personally over the last few years I have mostly switched to more natural haircare formulas, especially as there has been so much innovation in that segment. Yes, when you initially make the switch, the lathering might feel not as lush (not in this instance, I found the Evergreen Shampoo hitting the mark perfectly) and your hair might feel a little greasier or requiring a more regular hair washing. I have to say that it took my hair at least a couple of weeks to adjust, as initially I had to wash my hair every couple of days to start with. But after that my hair settled into its new product routine & remains soft, but not flat, and looking well-nourished, even though I am at the end of my hair’s ends when it comes to having my highlights done.

LovesongBeauty Ultralush Conditioner, 237ml, $34

hydrating nourishment of Lovesong Beauty Ultralush Conditioner

As far as I am concerned hair and conditioner are joined at the hip and if you want your hair to be nourished & protected, a good conditioner is a must. This Lovesong Beauty one nourishes the hair, without weighting it down – a big plus! It also works particularly well for the hair that has been over-styled or damaged by the heat – whether by the tools like straighteners or sun and sand on the beach. This one will also help to boost hair shine, while at the same time helping to control frizz and detangle the hair, which is helpful if you wear your hair up in the ponytail.

Lovesong Conditioner for softly nourished hair

After shampooing the hair, apply a small amount of conditioner to your hair – mid-length all the way down to ends, leave it to work for up to five minutes and then thoroughly rinse off. With Aloe Vera, Hemp seed and Jojoba you get care and nourishment – and yes, I am aware that hair strands are effectively dead material, but appearances matter ! The scent of the conditioner – a mix of botanical extracts of lavender, orange and lemon, as well as balsam fir, eucalyptus and ylang ylang compliment the shampoo and create an energised, yet relaxing feeling. With regular use I found that my hair looked (and felt) more nourished and not every conditioner manages to achieve that within a couple of weeks.

Lovesong Beauty Weightless Leave-In Conditioner, 50ml, $30

Invigorating nurture: Lovesong Beauty leave-in conditioner

In case you don’t want a wash-off, but prefer a leave-in conditioner, Emily Bowman, Lovesong Beauty founder, thought of that too. With this one you can apply it to wet or dry hair, concentrating on mid-length to ends. Then let the hair dry naturally or blow-dry on a lowest setting. Gel-like texture feels light and not greasy and the product helps to soften, detangle, protect from heat damage, as well as control fizz.

a practical haircare product for your travels

The Weightless Leave-On Conditioner is recommended for all hair types and textures and I sometime use it to style my hair in the morning, as it also acts as a lightweight hair hydrator. With ingredients like Evening Primrose, Jojoba Seed & Sunflower Seed Oils, as well as Shea Butter Fruit, this hair conditioner feels and works slightly differently to the wash-off conditioner and gives you an alternative when it comes to your haircare routine. The fact that its scent profile is slightly different too – with notes of floral Rose de Mai, Jasmine and Vanilla Planifolia, ads a lovely sensory experience to the time you take to nourish your hair, helping it look its best on a daily basis.

After talking to Emily about her haircare range, I now sometimes wash my hair, then use a wash-off conditioner on my hair for a couple of minutes and then, when my hair is fully dry, I also use some of this conditioner – it’s a really lovely combination that my hair seems to appreciate. And one more thing – the box in which this conditioner arrives to you is very pretty, with its lovely flower design, but it’s made from recycled paper and protects the smaller conditioning bottle, as opposed to a bigger, sturdier Ultralush Conditioner. Small details that are thoughtfully executed shouldn’t go unnoticed when they add another pleasant element to your shopping or browsing experience.

Lovesong Beauty Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel, 50ml, $30

Lovesong for your hair and scalp

Last, but not least I bring the spotlight to the most unusual product in the Lovesong Beauty offering – The Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel. I have been a fan (and still use it on occasion) of Batiste Dry Shampoo simply because it does an effective job of refreshing the hair when you need a much quicker solution than actually washing your hair. I have also been a fan of MoMi Dry Mineral Shampoo because it’s great for adding volume to hair and combines two types of clay – green and rose -that coupled with coconut powder effectively absorb excess oil. When Emily mentioned her Dry Shampoo Gel, a first of its kind according to her, my curiosity peaked.

Emily created this hair gel in order to both refresh the hair and provide a holistic option for optimal scalp and hair health from roots to tips. You pump the gel onto the tips of your fingers and then massage it into the scalp and hair roots. That’s quite unusual in itself, when most dry shampoos are powdery sprays. This Dry Shampoo Gel can be used daily or overnight and while I am a believer in regular hair washing, particularly as I live in a busy city with not the cleanest quality of air, a gel feels lighter than powdery particles on the scalp. Within minutes a surprise – the scalp feels more hydrated and the hair not greasy, but fresh. According to Emily this Dry Shampoo Gel also offers a welcome relief from sensitivity issues like dryness and dandruff and provides both nutrients and antioxidants at the root of your hair for an extra boosts of strength and density – something that Batiste Dry Shampoo certainly doesn’t do.

Flawless haircare with a difference

Formulated with Wakame, Witch Hazel, Green Tea and Aloe Vera – ingredients that are good for the skin too – this also spotlights the importance of paying attention to the condition of your scalp. If and when we neglect our scalp, our hair reacts negatively to it, in a similar way it does to poor diet, stress and not enough sleep. And coming back to the consequences of Covid on the state of many people’s hair and nails that I mentioned earlier, I think it makes more sense than ever to pay attention to the ingredients that go into your haircare and choosing those that nourish and nurture both the scalp and the hair. With this Dry Shampoo Gel you can also experiment a little and apply it to dry hair between washes for ‘flawless daytime finish” – just don’t forget to finish the application with a quick blast of a hairdryer on a low setting.

Lovesong Beauty Haircare

Some of us are born with beautifully lush and thick hair, others are not so lucky. However where genes and nature seemingly might not have been too kind, you can choose to pay attention to your lifestyle and use haircare products that don’t just promise, but actually deliver on its promises. Lovesong Beauty has been founded by Emily Bowman with a deep intention and determination to improve on the haircare offerings displayed on the supermarket shelves and at beauty retailers. Combining naturally sourced ingredients that are as good for the skin, as they are for the hair, Lovesong haircare is not only a pleasure to use, it brings visible results to how your scalp feels and how your hair looks. There is also an added bonus – Emily donates a percentage of every sale to organisations that help protect wild spaces in nature and the brand is a member of 1% For The Planet. Achieving all this is not easy and I hope you will get a chance to try Emily’s products on your own crowning glory, supporting a small female led beauty brand and being a thoughtful member of the humanity tribe when it comes to the relationship with nature.

To learn more about Lovesong Beauty please click here

Emily kindly sent me The Haircare Set to try, but as always my posts and opinions are my own and I don’t provide advance copy to brand founders or PR.

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