TCG Brand Spotlight: Jill Chambers & TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

Continuing my narrative about lesser known niche cosmetics brands around the world, I am directing my gaze (and hopefully yours too!) towards Australia, where TMF Supernatural Cosmetics and its founder Jill Chambers are based. I was ‘introduced’ to the brand by UNDRGRND Beauty, who have kindly sent me some TMF Supernatural Cosmetics products to try. As I started using the products, I started a conversation with Jill, which resulted in this post.

founder of TMF Supernatural Cosmetics Jill Chambers (image courtesy of Jill)

With a fine arts background and over 20 years of working for a multitude of global brands as a lead MUA, Jill has started investing her time and efforts into green beauty segment over a decade ago. She wanted to create products that would be high-pigment, vegan,easily applied, cruelty-free and contain Australian indigenous ingredients. After a five year journey Jill launched True. Makeup. Freedom. ( TMF Supernatural Cosmetics ) in the summer of 2015. Passionate about working with real women and niche influencers who actually use her products, Jill is determined to spread her make-up beyond Australian shores.

Q & A with Jill Chambers, founder of TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

Galina: Jill, so many people and brands use the term ‘clean beauty’, which is wide-open for interpretation. What’s your definition of “clean”?

Jill Chambers: Clean beauty goes a step further than vegan beauty and means 100% natural with zero harmful ingredients.

TMF Sheer Lips in Deborah

Galina: What attracted you to make-up artistry and becoming a MUA?

Jill Chambers: I honestly kind of fell into makeup artistry back in the late 90’s. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer since I was little and so I studied Fine Arts / Painting and Fashion Design at University after High School. I had REALLY bad acneic skin from the age of 12 and constantly tried to find ways to cover my acne skin by using brands I could find at the Supermarket or Chemist. I used to experiment on my skin every night after School to try to find a way to cover my skin without it being obvious. I was so embarrassed and it really affected my confidence. I guess I must have become ok at it because my friends started asking me to do their makeup, which turned into shoots at Uni with my Design friends for fun. After I finished my Uni studies everyone kept telling me I should pursue make-up. I never even dreamed that a fun hobby like make-up could turn into an actual career! I completed a year long full-time makeup diploma and took off to the ‘big smoke’….Sydney……where my makeup and beauty career started. I worked for many multi-national beauty brands over the next 15 years before I starting TMF.

Australian beauty: marriage of skincare (IPSUM) & make-up (TMF)

“My absolute favourite aspect of the job has always been the connection with people and the satisfaction I get when a Client gets the right product and is really happy. I love helping people. That’s my true purpose in life. Make-up is a vehicle for that passion.”

Jill Chambers, founder TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

Galina: How does women’s affinity with make-up change over the years?

Jill Chambers: As we get older our needs are constantly changing of course. Most people are time poor and want fast & easy steps to get them out the door in the morning, but still look and feel great. I’m 43 and completely understand how overwhelming it must be to have thousands of makeup brands out there to choose from, so I’ve always tried to make my brand as easy and accessible to everyone as possible.

Allegra (image courtesy of TMF Supernatural Cosmetics)

Galina: What are your personal tips for women in their 40s when it comes to choosing make-up ?

Jill Chambers: For me, it’s always about great skin first! Look after your skin and you won’t need much make-up. Less is always more. Especially in your 40’s. Try to choose a foundation which is light in texture and gives you a healthy glow. Use a thicker texture only in the areas where you need more coverage, such as around the eyes. Use your fingers to apply foundation, rather than a brush or sponge, which will only make the products appear to sit on top of the skin ad crease into fine lines. Choose versatile products like a lipstick you can also use as a cheek colour, a bronzer you can use as eyeshadow etc…this will save you so much time in the morning.

make-up experiments with TMF

Galina: What are YOUR essential make-up products on an average day Jill ?

Jill Chambers: Bronzer on cheeks, eyes and under my chin. Lipstick (in ‘Bo’ ‘Kate’ or ‘Jerry’ – depending on my mood) and my new mascara, which is due to launch soon. Four or five products is my “must-have routine” and it takes under five minutes to apply.

Galina: What’s the biggest mistake we all make when it comes to applying make-up?

Jill Chambers: I feel the biggest mistake when applying makeup is using too much foundation. I’m a big believer in less is more. A great make-up base for me is when you can’t tell someone is actually wearing foundation.

Allegra (image courtesy of TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

Galina: What are your three favourite TMF Supernatural Cosmetics products? 

Jill Chambers: My favourite TMF products are vegan lips in ‘Bo’, a bronzer and ‘Muse’ powder, which evens out redness.

TMF Supernatural Cosmetics

To learn more about TMF Supernatural Cosmetics or to purchase TMF products please click here (the link is NOT affiliated)

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