Thanksgiving treat from ELLIS FAAS

Creativity knows no boundaries and that is one of the reasons why I love ELLIS FAAS make-up so much. Ellis goes where no one ventured before, putting together incredible visuals and formulas that enhance our natural beauty ( by concentrating on the colours that are already present in our skin ).


Even though the upcoming Thanksgiving is primarily a US holiday, Ellis and her team show loyalty to their worldwide fans, no matter what nationality or country they live in. Loyalty is priceless, you can’t win it or pay for it-either a person or brand has it in spades or they don’t. When customers give their feedback, be it positive or negative ( productive criticism brings with it the necessary changes for the better ) it improves things and takes them to the next level.




So how is ELLIS FAAS thanking her clients for their feedback and for their loyalty? From now until the end of November, every tenth person who orders from the brand’s online store, will get a NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION print of their Thanksgiving beauty visual, signed by Ellis herself !

So what’s holding you, go on, place an order, even if it’s your first one-it’s always such a treat to be pleasantly surprised and inspired!


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