the Gentlewoman, spring/summer ( edition No. 5 )

If you fancy a bit of a change from your regular glossy, try The Gentelwoman, a bi-annual magazine. When I saw the recent spring/summer edition I wasn’t sure what attracted it to me first-it’s vivid pink cover border or the fact that it had my supermodel crash, Ms Christy Turlington Burns on the cover-she is a rare woman who combines many facets or in her own words ‘ mom, global maternal-health advocate, author, film-maker, public-health student, yogi, model ‘ who just keeps on getting more beautiful, if that’s even possible?


The magazine is not as colourful picture wise as your usual read might be-and on this occasion I definitely mean it as a compliment ! but the interviews are long and though provoking and you read them as easily, as you breath.

My favourite interviews so far are ‘ Modern Motherhood ‘ with Delfina Delettrez Fendi, who continues the creative Fendi gene pool with her edgy, yet stunningly unusual jewellery line, ‘ Martha‘ with Martha Lane Fox, who could have easily rested on her laurels after selling her business and surviving a horrendous car crash, yet she is a national spokesperson for getting everyone online by the end of 2012 in the UK and ‘ Wardrobe ‘ with the tirelessly creative Kate Phelan, who left Vogue UK after 19 years to oversee the fashion conglomerate Topshop and ‘ Modern classics ‘ with Marie-Amelie Barret, the deputy creative director of the veritable French leather goods institution that is Hermes.

A magazine for a smart, thoughtful woman who is ambitious yet has a softer, creative side!

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