The natural poesy of Sigil Scent

Sigil scent

While I have been intrigued by evolution of natural perfumery, until recently I haven’t committed to a full-sized bottle of such perfume. Why? Mainly because most of the natural perfumes that I have tried evaporated too quickly from my skin or changed, once applied, into something that I didn’t feel charmed by. Then I ordered a Sigil Scent sample set from Beauty Heroes & started having conversations with its founder, Patrick Kelly. The more I asked, the more intrigued I became….

Sigil Scent “Prima Materia”

Sigil Scent was founded by Patrick in 2015 & is inspired by love of nature, gardening & poetry. Currently there are four nuanced, gender-neutral fragrances based on ancient and contemporary alchemy. Patrick uses handmade tinctures, essential oils & absolutes and single-handedly crafts singular Eau De Perfumes, each sensorial and mysteriously unseen, like an invisible cloak. Once you sprits it on the skin, the perfume will continue to tell the story that Patrick wrote and you, the wearer, will make completely your own.

“See over there / A created splendour / Made by one individual / From things residual.”

Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh

Out of the four samples ( Magnum Opus Fragrances: Solutio, Anima Mundi, Amor Fati, Prima Materia ) two were set aside within a couple of days, simply because they weren’t resonating with my nose. Two other ones, on the other hand, captured my imagination, enrapturing the strings of my eternal mechanics. Solutio and Prima Materia. I played with them. Then one emerged a more defined winner.

Sigil Magnus Opus sample set

Patrick created the Magnus Opus set with deeply considerate intention – to allow the customer experience the nuanced variety of his fragrances, to wear them, live with them, before committing to a full sized purchase. Not only that – you can redeem the cost of the Magnum Opus, 4 x 2,5ml vials, US$50 against the cost of the full-sized fragrance, 30ml, US$120. Something that sets Patrick apart from many perfumers – a primal intention of giving consumer an opportunity to play with fragrances, singularly or layering them, in their own time at home, to see how they feel about wearing each on the skin.

sigil scent + curiosity gap
Sigil Scent – primal emotion

Patrick taught himself perfumery over a course of twelve years and told me that it usually takes him dozens and dozens of drafts to create a new scent. Living through pandemic many of us were reminded of the forgotten benefits of slower pace of life. As well as the appreciation and value that artisans of all kinds bring to society and to individuals. Just by simply looking and running the fingers over Sigil Scent exterior packaging you start understanding how different this particular perfumery brand is to the celebrity perfume launches that the world is bombarded with. Sigil Scent whispers at you, as it has no need to shout about something that is truly special.

This story is about a thoughtful, poetic soul that crafts like he dreams, fusing all kinds of disciplines into his work – from poetry to interior design, gardening & art, wood carving, travelling and printing. Each adding elements that together will widen the eyes and quicken the breath, as you explore sensory and tactile pleasures of Sigil Scent.

details of Sigil Scent

How do you find a signature fragrance, I asked Patrick? “I think people should wear whatever they are attracted to instinctively’ came the reply. “Even if that goes against prescribed conventions of gender and /or identity.”

How do you apply a perfume I wondered ? “Whatever method calls you’ mused Patrick thoughtfully. “I usually apply one spritz on each wrist, one on the neck, one or two on the jacket”. I took this advice on board, applying a gentle spritz to an utter layer of my jacket or cotton scarf (don’t apply perfume to silk, as it can damage it, or to your neck, if planning to wear pearls).

Sigil scent
Grounding serenity

Why Sigil Scent? “A sigil is a magical symbol or seal created to represent inherent mystical forces, a set of ideals, or to serve as a physical focus through which to stimulate the imagination and achieve a specific state of mind.” If you pair it with the love of plants, travels with a backpack, voracious reading & modern day witchery, via the use of clary sage & palo santo, you will get a more accurate representation of what you can expect when you come into contact with the perfumes that Patrick dreams up and then releases into the world.


Ingredients: organic cane alcohol, fragrance (organic and wildcrafted essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures). Made in the U.S.A

Prima Materia, the fragrance that I chose to purchase, possibly drew me the most because of its golden alchemy, bringing together stars & soil, soot & sparkling of citrus notes. Layered with cleansing white sage – I am not a fan of its scent when the dried leaves are burnt to cleanse the space – yet there is comfort in that ceremonial gesture connected to ancient traditions. Woody vetiver & oak moss make me dream of long forrest walks undertaken as adventures with my family, while resinous notes of pure amber make me think of the church ceremonies performed in solitude.

Sigil Scent + Curiosity gap
Resinous heart of pure amber

Solutio: Green, Aromatic, Citrusy (Cypriol, Cypress, Labdanum, Chaparral)

Amor Fati: Smoky, Resinous, Woody (Oud, Galbanum, Palo Santo, Opoponax)

Anima Mundi: Floral, Heady, Spicy (Hinoki, Rose, Immortelle, Jasmine)

Prima Materia: Sparkling, Arboreal, Fresh (Vetiver, Oakmoss, Neroli, White Sage)

Sigil Scent + Curiosity Gap
The sunny notes of Sigil Scent

Another most wonderful surprise is that this beautiful perfume continues to linger on the skin, developing alongside your individual chemistry & delighting the scenes, while also proving that natural perfumery can offer a healthy competition to mainstream perfume and give consumer another option to choose from.

In the meantime Patrick continues to create in his studio, on his own for now, in order to make sure the rest of his team stays healthy & safe. He has also added a hand mist to his e-shop. The hand mist is comprised of 190-proof organic cane sugar-based ethyl alcohol & a dab of essential oils. This product is also helping fundraise for the LGBT Food Pantry based in LA (customers have an option to donate $5 towards it).

To find out more about Sigil Scent, please click here to go to Patrick’s website

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