The only red is ELLIS FAAS RED campaign

Autumn, for me, signifies the perfect transition of seasons, from the heat of the summer and palpable, zesty energy to a slower, cooler pace of life accompanied by beautiful changes in the foliage and the smell of bonfires in the air. We start dressing up warmer and the make-up that looked flirty and fun in the summer looks a little out of place in the autumn, so my dear readers, why don’t we talk about red lipstick, notably the ones from ELLIS FAAS?


There are many shades and brands out there to choose from but I invite you to indulge in the colour and texture choices from ELLIS FAAS RED on this occasion.


To actually get classically rich, red lips isn’t as easy as one might think, as most lipsticks tend to have multi-layered pigments and don’t give a ‘clear’ red tone. Ellis created her make-up based on the natural, ‘human colours’. Each one of us is unique and that is what inspires Ellis when she creates products for her brand. ELLIS RED is a universal collection, which can enhance the beauty of each woman and light up her individuality. You can choose from three textures: the luscious, classic Creamy Lips, the lighter texture Milky Lips and the non-sticky gloss Glazed Lips. You now probably think that you are faced with a tricky choice, but smile, as ELLIS is a woman and she knows that most of us don’t have the time to dwell at the make-up counter and ponder whether a specific lipstick shade suits you or not. Let me introduce you to the Ellis Red Set which contains Ellis Red in each of the three textures and retails at a very tempting price.


Ellis Red is the best example of our Human Colours concept and therefore suitable for any style, age or skin tone. The additional benefit is that the lip pens have a cool design, won’t break or ruin your bag.


Creamy Lips, shade L101: this ELLIS red creates a soft, velvety lip with an exacting emphasis. I prefer to apply this one (it has a firm, sponge like applicator) to the contour of my mouth and then fill the lip in.


Glazed Lips, shade L301: this lipstick gives you an intensive, ‘wet’ lip look, while remaining light in texture but with great staying power (it has a brush applicator). It’s a startling orangey red that you can easily wear during the day without appearing too vampy. It contains Tocotrienol (an anti-oxidant and a component of Vitamin B), as well as Vitamin C, Omega 3 & 6 to help protect the delicate lip area.


Milky Lips, shade L201: this lipstick gives you glossy coverage with a high pigment colour. What is particularly great about this lipstick is that it feels great on your lips and works well for those women who don’t particularly like the feel of the lipstick on their lips. It moisturises the lips, so you can also apply it with your finger, smudging it from the centre of the lips along the lip line (or you can rely on its brush head to do an exacting job). This particular shade is a berry rich red but you can apply it lightly or create a richer red for the evening.


So in one set you have three different textures of red lipsticks, each allowing you to create a different make-up look, to suit a mood, an occasion or just your desire to experiment without doing anything drastic. To get you in the mood to enjoy red lips-if I am completely honest I wasn’t always comfortable with red lips, as sometimes, if the shade is wrong for you, it can make your features appear harsh and make you feel completely out of your comfort zone. Ellis and her team created this great video aptly titled The Only Red is ELLIS Red,  which inspires bravery and creativity at the same time:

ELLIS FAAS Red 3 piece set costs £45 (normally each ELLIS FAAS lip product retails at £22)

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