The Power of Dutch Tulips: Bloomeffects review

As I unwrapped the parcel from Dutch skincare brand Bloomeffects, I marvelled at the beautiful packaging, bound to appeal to visual millennials. Having said that, the products themselves will equally intrigue the more discerning older generation of women thanks to the efficacy. In addition to visual & textural “prettiness”, the brand combines the patented Dutch tulip complex with the sustainability when it comes to brand’s packaging. Founders and friends, Kim van Haaster and Monica Aurigemma, made sure both were the cornerstones on which their brand is built.

I have recently interviewed Kim & Monica, so you can read that post, including their insights and personal product tips, by clicking here. In the meantime I also took the time to play with the products, introducing all four into my daily skincare routine. “Tulip Tint”, a lip & cheek balm, was more used in the morning and during the day. The other three, “Dutch Dirt”, “Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly” and “Royal Tulip Nectar”, alongside brand’s face roller, added an element of selfcare and pleasure to my evening skincare routine.

Bloom effects Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly, 80ml, £31

Bloomeffects Cleansing Jelly

This cleansing jelly reminded me of Japanese and Korean skincare. It promises to dissolve dirt, oil & make-up without stripping or drying the skin. From that perspective it most definitely delivers on its promises. As you cleanse the face and neck, Bloomeffects proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex & various botanicals will help hydrate the skin, not strip it of the moisture, while also making it soft to the touch.

Apply a little bit of jelly, scooping it up with a tulip shaped metal spatula (enclosed) straight from the jar and massage all over. Put the tips of your nimble fingers to good use and don’t forget to include the jaw line. Once you feel that you have done a good job massaging the cleanser into the skin, rinse it off with warm – not cold or hot – water and pat the skin gently dry. As the jelly has rich texture, you only need a little bit of it at a time and I also find that removing it with a cotton face cloth works well, adding a gentle exfoliation to the process. At the moment the brand doesn’t have a face toner, but I find that my skin feels more than comfortable without it, when followed up with Royal Tulip Nectar application.

Key Ingredients

Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex: rich in antioxidants & amino acids, it makes sure the skin remains well hydrates, soft & supple

Hyaluronic Acid: a natural humectant proven to draw in moisture; particularly welcome as we become older and skin starts losing its natural volume & plumpness.

spatula for scooping the jelly or nectar from the jar, thus preventing contamination

I like the texture and how thoroughly, similar to the balm, the light pink jelly cleanses the skin. As well as the fact that it goes ‘milky’ when you splash your face with water, adding element of visual transformation when it comes to cleansing. The fact that it has a neutral smell is also a welcome element, when so many cleansers still have overwhelmingly ‘strong’ scents. Some might dislike them due to skin sensitivity, others simply not enjoy the scent – in this instance it certainly will please many who want efficacy of the product coupled with fragrance neutrality. It also provides the necessary slippiness for those that enjoy regular, self-administered face massage.

Royal Tulip Nectar, 80ml, £52

In a way this product is the star of the range, a healing ointment-to-serum formulation that promises to deliver a multitude of benefits to the skin. From hydration & nourishment to soothing & repair, housed in one jar. Moving back to ‘simplifying’ skincare is a big plus, compared to complex routines & product combinations, which can confuse the skin & put it into overdrive.

Key Ingredients

Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex: rich in antioxidants and amino acids.

White Horehound Plant: helps boost skin’s natural enzymes that work to protect against environmental damage.

Tyrostat Rumex Plant Extract: works to prevent skin pigmentation that can lead to uneven skin tone and age spots

Biomimetic Peptide: promotes radiance

Hyaluronic Acid: a powerful natural humectant proven to draw in moisture

Vitamin C: skin brightening

Slower pace of life, more conscious skincare rituals

In this instance a tiny bit of product really does go a long way, so don’t slather lots of it on! Just take a small amount with the enclosed copper spatula, warm it up with your fingers and spread all over your face, massaging the skin as you go along the contours of your face, neck & decollete. It can also work as a nourishing overnight mask – the secret here is moderation & Kim, who suffers from acne, says this nectar really does come to her skin’s rescue, whatever goes on in her daily life.


Once I started using this nectar – in the evenings, after cleansing the skin and not using the toner, my skin responded in kind. I very much enjoy the subtle neutrality of the scent, maybe a gentle hint of roasted popcorn mixed with green tea notes, the grounding, earthy undertones. Tapping the nectar gently all over the face is a very pleasurable experience might I add. In the morning my skin looks dewy and plump, something I particularly came to appreciate during the lockdown. With not enough physical activity and limited time spent outside in the fresh air, many noticed that their skin become duller. All the more the reason to refine our skincare routine and find the products that work for individual skin needs.

Bloomeffects skincare trio

A particularly important element of this nectar is Bloomeffects proprietary tulip complex, sourced from Dutch tulips that Kim’s husband, a fourth generation tulip farmer, grows. After conducting research at Leiden University, it was confirmed that “tulips are high in auxin, which helps with growth & repair throughout the body. Not only that, auxin also helps with collagen production which is important for skin’s elasticity & hydration. If that wasn’t enough, tulip complex is packed with antioxidants that help counteract the damaging effect of pollution and natural moisturising factors that help skin look healthier and more supple and hydrated’.

Dutch Dirt Mask, 60ml, £38.50

packaging details

This purifying and pore cleaning mask is Monica’s favourite and will appeal to those who like their face scrub to be more grainy. Combining botanical extracts, floral enzymes and brand’s proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex, the mask can also be used as an exfoliating scrub. However, if you have sensitive skin, trying it as an in-shower scrub first or do a patch test to see skin’s reaction to the actives.

The mask needs to be applied to clean, dry skin and then left on for 10-20 minutes, after which it needs to be rinsed away with warm water. When you apply it, it might tingle a little, but that sensation disappears within a few minutes. With regular use expect to see an improvement in cellular turnover (particularly important for more mature skin), overall skin hydration, tone & discolouration. It can also help address the problem of excess sebum production.

Beauty Stems from Dirt

Key Active Ingredients

Prickly Pear Enzyme*: helps eliminate dead skin cells
Flower Acid*: helps increase cell turnover and the skin’s ability to eliminate dead skin cells
Sodium Lactate: nature’s identical form of sodium lactate, known for its moisturizing properties
Hyaluronic Acid: a powerful natural humectant proven to draw in moisture
Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex: rich in antioxidants and amino acids for softer, smoother and glowing skin

*These ingredients may cause a slight tingling sensation upon application

Monica Aurigemma, Bloomeffects co-founder, masking (image courtesy of brand’s Instagram)

I use this mask weekly, often while showering, and find that my skin looks brighter and clearer after each use. Not only that, but the effect lasts well through the week. I also use it on my neck & decollate in order to have more even skin tone as spring & summer call for more exposure of those areas in the sunshine, after being hidden away under layers of clothing in colder months.

Masking with the right kind of dirt can be fun .)

When I first opened the mask, the oil inside separated a little bit, so I didn’t get a full grasp of texture until I used it for the first time. Dark brown, it reminds you of the dirt and the soil in the springtime, as the planting gets underway and tractors roam the fields, turning layers of earth over, oxygenating the soil. Applying it to my skin also also makes me think of action movies like ‘Commando’ and SAS or French Legion solders on secret missions, covered in dirt, masking their presence. Call it overactive imagination, but while this mask isn’t exactly an invisibility cloak, it certainly transforms a complexion, revealing more even, clearer skin.

Image courtesy of Bloomeffects Instagram

In the world becoming increasingly obsessed with cleanliness, it is also important to be reminded of the importance of dirt, something that older generations were much more exposed to than the younger ones, with cleansing wipes & sanitisers being carried around and used by many well before pandemic reared up its aggressive head.

Tulip Tint Lip & Cheek Balm, 13ml, £23

Tulip Tint in petal pink

A hydrating tint that works on lips, as well as adds colour to the cheeks, is not a novel idea, but this one also contains two types Matrixyl peptides that can help boost collagen production, as well as slow down the appearance of vertical lines in the lip area. Another interesting ingredient is the extract from frozen grapes.

The lip balm works on different skin tones and has sheer texture, but you can build up colour intensity to your personal liking, for example if you prefer a more pigmented appearance. The balm is also fragrance-free & has a neutral taste. I prefer to squeeze some of the balm on top of my hand, warm it up a little, by twirling my finger in a circle and then dab it on my lips and top of the cheeks. Generally I am not big on shades of pink when it comes to make-up or cosmetics & this allows me to achieve more subtle effect and shade that works for my skin tone. The balm feels instantly moisturising on the lips and the effects lasts for a few hours without further re-aplication.

natural flush of petal pink

Key Ingredients

Bloomeffects Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex: rich in antioxidant and amino acids for softer, smoother and more hydrated skin with regular use

Grapes that have frozen naturally on the vine – clinically shown to dramatically increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Note: the brand is drawing inspiration from Eiswein (Ice Wine), concept originated in Germany, where healthy bunches of ripe grapes, without noble rot, are left on the vine in the hope that frost temperature conditions (up to -10 C) will literally freeze them. Then the grapes are very speedily picked and immediately pressed. The water content is left behind, while juice that is super sugary and acid concentrated, is used in dessert wine making.

According to Bloomeffects, compared to classic wines, ice wine is characterised by significantly higher concentration of juice ingredients that are only partially fermented. This allows to incorporate astringent properties of this ingredient when used in cosmetics for the skin.

Matrixyl MS6 and MM: help to reduce the appearance of vertical lines and boost six-skin building components, including Collagen I & II

Neodermyl: natural moisturizing factor that reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin 

Sodium Lactate: nature’s identical form of sodium lactate, a natural moisturizing factor

Kim van Haaster, Bloomeffects co-founder. Image: courtesy of brand’s Instagram

I also want to draw attention to Bloomeffects packaging. Both the lip tint and the tulip mask come in PICEA tubes that are made from recycled German saw dust left over from carpentery. The exterior packaging cartons are 100% recyclable and printed not with traditional, but with soy ink. Netherlands, like Scandinavian countries, tends to lead the way when it comes to promoting sustainability and constantly evolving their recycling processes, so it’s not at all surprising that this is a very important Bloomeffects element. And something that meets with agreeable nods from retailers and consumers, many of who are starting to demand more considered practical approach when it comes to beauty industry.

Double Dutch Roller, made from white jade, one wood & zinc alloy, £23

Bloomeffects products

Adding a jade roller to the product selection is becoming a norm for the skincare brands, keen to promote self-care at home. However this white jade roller from Bloomeffects invites customers to not only massage their faces, but use this face gadget as a spatula too, to scoop the product out.

White jade is a form of nephrite jade, known for its calming and grounding properties. This white jade was sourced from China and hand-selected by the brand. As it is a natural stone, you will see black & green dots/marks in the stone.

When using the ‘roller’ side you not only boost the circulation, but can reduce puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage and improve skin’s plumpness with regular use. Just be aware that the roller side is not smooth & even, but rather has grooves, so when you start using it on your face got with a light touch & see how your skin reacts. When you apply the nectar and massage it all over face and neck with the roller, you can also improve product absorption, as well as ease the tension from the muscles in your face – often ‘accumulated’ in our jawline & eyebrow area. You can use the spatula to massage the cheeks, as well as the jawline – it all comes down to learning how to use the roller correctly on your face and then committing to a regular practise, several times a week. Just don’t forget to wash the roller with the soap between uses and dry it up with a towel straight after cleaning it.

bloom effects roller
Roll Up

Massage tips from Bloomeffects: “Using outward & upward strokes, start at the center of the forehead and roll up to the hairline, then from the middle of the forehead out toward the temples. Move to the chin and roll from the center towards the ears and up along the cheekbones. Lastly, roll the sides of the neck, working from the chin and sweeping out towards the collarbone. Do not roll the center of the neck, throat or eyes”.

Top Tip: Using the roller with a treatment product enhances results. Use the spatula for clean, even product application. Roll up to five minutes daily for best results.”  

Tulip Print Headband, in Delft blue or white, £12

curiosity gap
Styled by my mini-Me

Made from 100% cotton & iron wire, this headband is as stylish, as it is practical. Whether you are applying skincare or make-up, it will make sure the hair is kept away from your face, as much as out of the skincare.

I fiddled with it, as I haven’t worn such a headband for a while, but it only took my daughter all of two minutes to create this ‘look’ for me. Suffice to say we both were pleased with the end result. So much so, this image is now my profile shot on my Instagram feed.

To find out more about Bloomeffects, please click here

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