Time for change: Curious Russian in London becomes The Curiosity Gap

Everyday we move forward and change. Our bodies change, so do our lifestyles, ambitions, attitudes, mindset and relationships. And sometimes because of that internal change we feel that something that worked in the past, no longer serves us in the present. That’s the reason why Curious Russian in London morphed into The Curiosity Gap earlier this week.

I started my website ten years ago in 2008 and called it ‘Galinka’, a nickname some of my friends used for me. In time I came to realise that it didn’t have the right feel, so I chose ‘Curious Russian in London’ and it worked well for a good few years, but last year I started churning and questioning things. I changed my website designer and together, combining our creativity, technicality and fluidity, we re-designed my website. Working with him is a joyous pleasure, as well as opportunity to learn – something that fuels my passion for both life and work. When the re-designed website went live, all of a sudden it’s name started to bug me. I am Russian by birth and I am proud of my roots. And yes, I am still London-based, but somehow the name no longer tied things together, nor gave you the clarity about my work & variety of subject that I am passionate about. I am driven by curiosity when it comes to exploring the width and breadth of England, as well as places, brands and people from around the world.

I played with words, but nothing felt right. I got more and more flustered. after all, I write because I have a way with words and communicate things that I think might be of interest to my audience. But if I don’t feel in tune with my website’s name, neither will you, my audience. This went on for months and made me feel quite frustrated. And then, a few days ago my dear friend Elijah Choo, founder of the British artisan beauty brand Bodhi & Birch, had a great idea, which he shared with me. Within a second, it made perfect sense. But not so quick – now I had to wait and see, if the right domaines were available and could be acquired. Serendipity was on my side and now I can proudly announced that CRiL, ak Curious Russian in London, has morphed into ‘The Curiosity Gap’.

I am still Galina, but I hope that my website’s name now makes perfect sense not just to me, but to YOU too. Curiosity is what drives and informs me professionally and GAP are my actual initials, but ‘Curiosity Gap’ is also a theory developed by academic George Lowenstein. According to him, ‘curiosity is a state that occurs when people can identify a gap between what they currently know and what they would like to know’.

Gratitude is something that I practise daily and I couldn’t be more grateful to Elijah and Dan, my website developer and technology wiz, for their power of thought, for their help and the superman’s speed with which they both acted. These two men helped me shake off my frustrations for good. Mind The Curiosity Gap .)

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