Tips to help stay healthy & calm during Corona virus

Undoubtedly there is so much going on around us, at home and abroad, that it is very difficult to stay calm or emotionally unaffected. Corona virus is spreading, people are dying & feeling vulnerable, borders are being closed, flights suspended and even universally adored actor Tom Hanks & his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the virus in Australia, while Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had to self-isolate after his wife tested positive for Covid-19, proving that no-one is immune to it, young or older, famous or not.

At the moment there is no vaccine against the virus and too many unanswered questions that not only linger, but keep on multiplying. However, I believe that only by looking after our health, mind & body, as well as helping those more vulnerable among us in ways that we can, we stand a better chance of overcoming what we all are facing. We all can only benefit from the knowledge shared by doctors & scientists, as well as those who had the virus & recovered from it, instead of focussing on scary news & growing death toll around the world. Knowledge is an incredibly powerful tool!

Poster in the bathroom of my local community’s centre

Below are some of the simple tips that I have been practising over the years, on myself and my family, as well as some suggestions from the practitioners that I know. I hope they will provide you with a simple framework and by adding them to the measures that you already have taken, I hope it will give you a steadier ground underneath your feet.

corona virus tips mood board
Corona Virus Tips Uplifting Moodboard

Tips to help You Stay Well & Healthy During Corona Virus Pandemic

  • Try not to panic.
  • Exercise regularly. There are plenty of PT who provide online classes or videos via their websites or Youtube.
  • Keep an eye on updates from WTO, doctors, scientists & immunologists in order to have the latest advice & information on how to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Try to go to bed earlier in order to get good night’s sleep.
  • Cook meals that nourish you.
  • Don’t bulk buy unnecessarily vast amounts of toilet paper, sanitiser, all kinds of medicine, canned goods etc, thus depriving others of essentials for their cupboards. Stocks up on things that will last you two-three weeks, if you and your family have to ‘self-quarantine’. Empty shop shelves are bound to have a negative impact on people, leading to panic & shortages that otherwise could easily be avoided.
Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, proteins, carbs seasonal variety abundantly
  • Take a good multivitamin, depending on your gender & age. Also add extra Vitamin C & Zinc, which in combination work well to support your immune system.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap & hot water for longer than 20 seconds. If liquid soap that you normally use is sold out, buy from smaller indie brands that need our support to stay afloat more than ever (Bathing Beauty, Bodhi & Birch, Mallow & White, Child’s Farm, Weleda, Dr. Bronner, UpCircle Beauty, A.S Apothecary, Jason Natural Care). Also don’t forget to moisturise your hands, so they don’t become too dry.
  • Use de Mamiel Altitude oil (anti-viral & anti-bacterial) at home & when travelling on public transport or when you are out and about in public places.
  • Dance to your favourite song, read jokes or a good book, watch a comedy, play games that make your laugh or take your mind off things that worry you. Anything that makes you happy is particularly important now!
Spring blooms to cheer your eyes & senses
  • Do body-tapping & body-brushing to get lymph moving around the body more effectively, speeding up efficacy of toxin removal that your body does daily.
  • When returning home, wash your hands, then face straight away, blow/clear away your nose.
  • Wash the soles of your feet at the end of the day, to get rid of sweat & bacteria – there are so many energetic meridians around your body that you stimulate when walking.
  • If your local chemist is selling anti-bacterial wipes at ridiculously inflated prices, please don’t buy them. Instead report this practise on social media – it is absolutely wrong to take advantage of a dire & at times tragic situation for one’s own gain.
  • Support your local corner shops – many carry stock of essentials that are now lacking in certain large supermarkets.
Hand washing is more than ever to help curb the spread of Covid-19
  • Keep windows open at home to allow fresh air to circulate.
  • Try not to touch surfaces when out & and about with an open palm – I see plenty of elders using their umbrellas to press lift elevator buttons for example.
  • Wipe your phone & travel card to prevent spread of germs.
  • If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue and then bin it, so not to spread germs.
  • Spring-clean your home. Mend broken things or clothes.
  • Do an online course – I recently did interior design course with Rita Konig on Create Academy. Take up learning a new language or new skills, encouraging your children to do it together with you.
Kitchen is were magic of nourishment is created & warmth flows
  • Don’s shake hands when greeting someone. Instead use ‘namaste’ sign, heart sign with your fingers, elbow or feet touch – invent your own ways to greet or acknowledge people in a safe way. Kids come up with great idea – this tip was shared by nutritional therapist Lucinda Miller on Twitter this week and made me smile.
  • Look out for your elderly neighbours or anyone whose immunity is ‘undermined’ by existing medical condition.
  • Use humidifiers before going to bed, with a few drops of antibacterial oil to help clear the air & protect your lungs.
  • Be kinder – to yourself & to others. It is more important than ever, after all we are all connected to each other and depend on each other to keep safe & well.
corona virus tips + curiosity gap
On saturday London’s City Airport was closed, but rowers were in force – silver linings

Please feel free to add tips that help you stay well & positively minded in comments below or via social media, as community spirit of sharing is more important than ever. We all should follow advice given by doctors & scientists and respect temporary measures imposed by countries & governments, while doing all that we can to not contribute to fear of the unknown. This pandemic is affecting all of us, our health, livelihoods & daily habits, so only together we can get on top of things & contribute to overcoming this unprecedented crisis. Thank you for reading & please stay healthy, positive & well wherever you are.

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