Tolstoy’s last station

Last stationLately not many movies inspire or leave a lasting impression but I slept really well after watching ‘The Last station’ on DVD last night. It’s a Michael Hoffman directed movie about the last years in the Lev Tolstoy’s household in Yasnaya Poliana. What makes this movie distinct from many that I have watched lately is that this one really touches you with it’s beauty and humanity.

Not often foreign directors or actors grasp the essence of the ‘Russian soul’ but Helen Mirren, who plays Tolstoy’s wife Sofia Andreevna and Christopher Plummer who plays the Russian writer, infuse their characters with the life and the soul-and yes, I am well aware that Dame Mirren has Russian roots, who can forget her in the ‘White Nights’ if we are speaking about playing a Russian?

109 mins of simply evocative pleasure, at times sad and at times uplifting

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