Tom Ford’s lipsticks

TF1TF2So far, whatever Tom Ford touches, it seems to lead to profit. His revamping of the Gucci brand is by now legendary, his first directorial debut, a film called ‘A Single Man’ was a roaring and well-deserved, must I add, success, his men’s clothes line is beautiful and very smart and now Mr. Ford went a step further, with his first line of lipsticks, called Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour collection

I popped into Harrods last Saturday and indulged by buying three of them, a lovely ‘pink dusk’, a subtle but sexy one called ‘blush nude’ and a beautiful red called ‘true coral’.

TF’s lipsticks are packaged in white boxes with gold lettering and the lipstick tubes come in the same tones. They smell and taste lovely and when you are putting them on you feel sexier, more vibrant somehow-and I mean any shade, not just the reds or bright pinks. The formulations also contain Shea butter and linoleic acid and have TF engraved at the top of your lipstick, just as you swirl it out.

At the moment lipsticks come in 12 shades, divided into four groups. They moisturise your lips and the sales girl said that she put on hers before starting her shift and half way through haven’t had to re-apply it-her lips looked well-moisturised and glossy.

I love wearing blush nude and pink dusk every day and must admit, I already got a few compliments along the way, which is always nice .)  I wonder if Mr. Ford will indulge us, women, with beautiful clothes under his name any time soon?

each lipstick is priced £35 and is on sale at Selfridges & Harrod’s Tom Ford counters

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