Total radiance facial from NuBo

NuBo is the brand that seems to be surprising me as of late, with ideas behind it and the effectiveness of products, so when I received an invitation to try their Biometric facial at Fenwick’s beauty room, I made the booking, as those facials seem to be in high demand, partly because you can only have them occasionally in select treatment rooms in Harrods or Fenwick.

When I came to Fenwick I really had no expectations, however I have a confession to make-it probably wasn’t an ideal time for meIMG_0632 to have a facial, as I was nursing a cold that refused to budge for the second week in a row. I felt slightly congested and my nose and apples of the cheeks felt dry-not a great face to present forward when you are trying a specific facial for the first time.

After a short wait my therapist arrived and instantly I was smitten. Tine, who is Danish, looked like my dream woman-blonde, slim, understated in her black top and trousers, yet casually chic, with a flair and a beaming smile that made me feel like I have known her for a while. Charmed already and smiling myself, I followed her into the treatment room, which is cleverly hidden at the back of the beauty hall. The room itself looked like any other room, but the blanket covering the treatment room was vivid red, the counter full of pretty NuBo bottles and the large orchid added a nice touch to the ambiance-all in all, it felt like a glamorous changing room of a very well-known actress. Tine told me to take my jewellery off, wrap myself in a fluffy towel top and get comfortable on the table. She returned five minutes later, to find me childishly rolling my head up and down the water pillow……

Tine is a very experienced therapist, who works with many brands, like Perricone and Ole Henriksen, so instead of keeping quiet, I ended up quizzing her on all things beauty-treatments, brands, cosmetic procedures-supposedly I am a rare bread of a woman who has never had Botox, so as we talked and Tine’s hands worked their magic on my face, head, neck, shoulders and arms, time just flew by. Tine works quickly and effectively, so I kindly asked her later to recap the stages and products used during the facial, which were as follows :

The facial starts with a gentle head and shoulder massage followed by a thorough double-cleanse using Nubo’s Foaming Cleanser ( this product also works as a scalp treatment once a week, before washing your hair, as Tine told me ) followed by Cell Dynamite Cleansing cream ( I love using it in the evening, as it’s gentle but very nourishing and great at getting read of any make-up, even if you went to a big do ). My face was then exfoliated with NuBo’s Diamond Peel & Reveal, followed by Vitamin C Serum and Eye lifting Serum application-very cooling and zen like. Then Tine gave me a a very thorough and invigorating massage, starting with my head and then moving to my face, neck ( she also stretched my neck gently) and decollete with Synergie serum. Following that, Tine  appplied the amazing Ice Diamond Cooling mask ( advice from Tine-apply a warm face mitt for two minutes before you apply the cooling Diamond mask to have a deeper effect ), which was left on for about ten minutes, while my hands were exfoliated ( a feeling of complete bliss ! ) with Diamond peel and reveal mask, after which I had a delightful hands and arms massage with the Synergie Oil. After the Diamond cooling mask is removed-you have to experience that cooling sensation to believe it ( my face has never felt so pleasantly cool, cold ? in my life ! -truly an extraordinary sensation! )-Plumping Oxygen Boost is applied to the face, Eye Focus to the eye area, which is then followed by Day performance and the amazing Essence. The treatment ended with the application of Lip treatment  and Voile no 5 ( I have been using this rose smelling product for over a year now and swear by it, if I want a soft focus natural glow on my face and all imperfections as if magically erased ), so in actual fact you leave the treatment room with the face that is smooth, plumped and ready to face the world, even if you have to go out. In my case, my previously dry and irritated skin felt soft, plump and very well moisturised-it almost felt like a new face and no, I wasn’t running a fever at that precise moment .)

As Tine finished my hour long treatment, that just whizzed by, she told me to stretch my arms up and feet away from my body, to properly awaken my body and increase the detoxification process post treatment-it actually is a very good habit to integrate into your morning routine, before jumping off the bed and grabbing a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

Before Tine left the room to get me a glass of water, she made me explode with laughter when she said that one should treat their body as a Ferrari , as in ‘you wouldn’t put water into  the beautiful car instead of the perfectly suited petrol or diesel, would you ?’ followed by another pearl of wisdom, comparing nutrition and dieting to the dog with a biscuit, as in moderation is good, but we all deserve a treat.

As I skipped to my car, waving the NuBo goodies bag, which came as part of the treatment and contained Voile and Lip Perfection SPF 15, I smiled at people, passing me by-Tine gave me such a wonderful treatment containing lots of beauty wisdom, my mind just bubbled with joy and I wanted to smile at the world-that moment in time felt quite magical!

NuBo Total Radiance facial £40

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