Touche Muah or my new underwear addiction

TM5TM4TM1Some might say that diamonds are the girl’s best friend but I would dare to say that underwear is a better friend and if you are lucky, just might lead to a diamond ring.

For those of us who pay attention to how our clothes not only look but fit, good underwear is essential. It holds us in, makes us feel sexy and makes our outlines more mysteriously alluring.

 Some of us like M&S, others prefer Agent Provocateur to Carine Gilson or La Perla to Elle McPherson or Aubade to Calvin Klein but what if you want something for every day, yet still making you feel sexy and sure of yourself ? Until recently I went to Bodas but now there is a new girl on the block for me and I adore her.

The beautiful lady in question is former model Ivelin Giro and she started the underwear brand called Touche Muah last year. Ivelin, who is originally from Cuba but is currently Miami based, couldn’t find the underwear to satisfy her needs, so she developed Touche Muah. ‘On a personal level I’ve always had the need to find a comforting and natural feeling (a feeling of freedom and almost naked) for lingerie and Touche Muah’s designs incorporate all these qualities. I love the feeling of the natural aspect of the fabric and its organic properties’, says Ivelin when asked how she ended up designing underwear.

She felt the connection with the word ‘TOUCHE’ (which means ‘to touch’ in the language of love that is French) ‘because that’s the feeling between the fabric and the skin. It gives a desire to be touched by the fabric and its design and ‘MUAH’ (the sound of a ‘kiss’), so, it’s as if your skin wants to be touched and kissed by the line.’

Having started to wear the underwear I can vouch that it feels very soft and comfortable on the skin-it’s so light you can hardly feel it, so it definitely gives you an air of freedom unlike many underwear brands, in which you might feel itchy or restrictive.

I was wondering why Ivelin has chosen a snake as the logo for her brand and she told me that she was always fascinated by reptiles-so much, in fact, that she even has a tattoo of a snake on her lower back. And her eldest son Samuel, knowing his mother well, suggested that the snake be made into the logo hence giving it a more personal touch for Ivelin.

Ivelin did extensive research into various fabrics for her underwear, choosing ‘organic bamboo for its sustainable fibres’ and ‘antibacterial and antimicrobal properties as well as an amazing water absorbent capacity’.

For now you have bras and low cut thong or short panties for women, two styles of underwear for men-a longer ‘gladiator’ or ‘wilder’ briefs and two styles of boy boxers in ‘highjump’ or ‘rockshop’ for teen boys.

Another added benefit is that her underwear can be worn as lounge wear or by pregnant women-just see the pictures on Touche Muah’s internet site and you will understand what I mean.

Ivelin does have plans to extend the brand, including more styles and colours plus baby clothing and sleepwear and hopefully will be sourcing some European stockists soon too. And I, for one, will be keeping an eye on anything new by Touche Muah, because once worn, you will view sexy and comfortable underwear in the new light.

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