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I am of the opinion that a lipstick or a lip balm can be the only beauty tool, on top of your usual skincare routine, that can make you look groomed when you are doing a school run in the morning or feeling like looking natural yet groomed over the weekend. In the last few weeks I have been doing my beauty research in order to cover all preferences when it comes to lip care.

Let me start with Bobbi Brown, one of my favourite make-up artist, who ‘guided’ me from my 20s to my current state with her make-up and books thatBB I regularly consult for beauty tips and make-up application. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her brand this year, Bobbi Brown came out with a perfect lip palette 1991 that celebrates the best of her lip colours. The handy lush black compact contains 10 best selling lip colours dating back to 1991 (that’s what I call staying power!) plus ten current colours, all of which you can mix for endless and surprising results-whether you want a day look or a more glam evening one, this compact also comes with a handy application brush and a mirror. You have a range of reds, pinks, plums, browns to play to your heart’s content and create various looks to suit your mood and style.





Now to Becca, a brand that was created by an Australian make-up artist Rebecca Morrice Williams. I love it for its beautiful colour palettes and great formulations, always allowing you to create beautifulBalms make-up looks that are never overdone. Becca latest addition to the range, a Butter balm SPF 20 will please all you natural girls out there. It contains nourishing cocoa and shea butters (hence the name), vanilla, honey and vitamin E and gives you quite versatile results-it tastes delicious, nourishes your lip area (especially important during the cold months as lips tend to get dry and cackey), which is quite delicate and protects against sun damage. You can use it on its own and add a little shine to your mouth or you can use it as a base before applying your lipstick for a beautiful, kissable mouth that tastes delicious too .)

Finally, my latest discovery, a brand called Intelligent Nutrients, from Horst Rechelbacher, who created Aveda. Horst passionately believes in caring for our environment and strives to make products that are organic, safe and non-toxic. The lip glosses that I bought yesterday from Content store are made with food-grade ingredients that are high in oxygen radical absorbency capacity and feed your lips with antioxidants, helping to fight visible signs of ageing, while delivering moisture and shine. There are two shades of Lip Delivery Anti-Oxidant glosses-one is ‘natural’ and the other is called ‘purple maize’ and they come in handy, slim tubes with a screw on cap and a brush applicator that makes application precise and easy. Having used the ‘purple maze’ shade for two days so far, I am already in heaven for several reasons. First of all, those glosses are not gloopy, unlike most of the ones I have used before;  secondly they smell & taste delicious-a mix of sweet raspeberry, vanilla bean, caramel cream and coconut cream natural flavours that I am sure increase my happy hormone production every time I re-apply them. Thirdly, they are full of anti-oxidants and food ingredients that help battle oxidative stress. I swear that I have never come across a lip gloss that looks and tastes so good. I also like the purple maize shade as it delivers a plummy colour that will actually compliment any woman, whatever her skin or hair colour.

I believe in simple beauty rules that really work and nurturing your lips is an important one. As we age, our skin looses moisture and lip area tends to become thinner and less plumped ( an age giveaway) , so using a good lip balm or gloss will put in a good foundation for your lips to look full and beautiful naturally (until now I used to use my toothbraush to massage my lips after brushing my teeth, which got read of the dry skin and made lipstick application easier, but Becca & Intelligent nutrients gave me a quicker and much more enjoyable beauty tool).

Also, do bear in mind that our mouths are a sensuous part of our body that men pay attention to and our children will appreciate mummy’s soft and delicious smelling kisses too! 

 Becca Butter Balm SPF 20 £22

Bobbi Brown 20th anniversary Lip Palette £43 (20 shades)

Intelligent Nutrients certified organic lip delivery antioxidant gloss, £15

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