Tried and Tested: body creams

Having recently reviewed the beauty posts I have done, i realised that it looks like I am concentrating on the face and not the body, so let me assure you that it isn’t the case. I have been trying the creams covered below for the last two months or so, going as far as trying one on one side of the body and another on the other-all in the name of beauty result comparison .)

Amala myrtle detoxifying body oil, £42 for 100 mls: I came across Amala products about six months ago (thanks to great advice from Cindy at Content beauty/wellbeing store in Central London) and since then my bathroom shelvesAmAb has been making way for a few products from this wonderful organic German range.

I have done a very light detox in early September and decided to use this oil after skin brushing. I am very choosy about body oils, having been spoilt by my aromatherapist friend Michelle Roques-O’Neil (her oils are just so wonderful, they actually work on both your body i.e. its health state and your mind plus they also smell just beautiful)  and that’s the first time i actually ‘strayed’-all in the name of research!

This oil smells lovely and sinks in your skin quite quickly, without leaving a greasy shin- I have been applying it before going to bed though. This body oil contains jojoba, sweet almond, apricot kernel, lemon peel, sandalwood, basil, cardamon seed and sunflower seed oils that nurture and support skin and help your body with shifting of the toxins. I absolutely love it and think it is a great oil to use during autumn or even winter to nurture your skin!

Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Body Cream 200 mls: I have heard about Tracie Martyn and her skincare and body range from aTM few of my American girlfriends but until recently you couldn’t get your hands on her products in the UK-and I know that a few companies tried unsuccessfully to become this range’s stockists in the last couple of years . A few months ago I have received Harrods magazine and saw a small article stating that Tracie’s products will be stocked up at Harrods’s Urban Retreat, so as you can guess, I made my way there only to be looked at like I was a crazy woman by the staff there-supposedly they have never even heard of it. Well, I went to the Beauty hall on the ground floor, made some enquiries there and found the products on the bottom shelf somewhere in the corner-no prices and no clue from the staff. I was asked to wait, while they checked the price list. Having returned an hour later, I saw that the products were actually taken off the shelf…..Well, to cut an already long story short, I did get my hands on the Shakti sculpting scream-I wouldn’t have been myself if I failed on that mission and have to say that it’s as impressive as my girlfriends made it to be. This cream helps with slimming, firming and moisturising your hips, thighs, legs, arms, torso and any other area that you think might need a little help in the ‘lift’ department-ok, let me say that unless you drink water, watch what you eat and exercise this cream isn’t going to change your life, but put some effort in and you will see pretty good results. You have ingredients like rose water, black currant seed lipids, carnitine, caffeine, rose hip oil, honeysuckle extract, organic green tea extract (boosts metabolism), organic Bulgarian rose essential oil and nano technology delivered blackcurrant lipids. This cream does have an interesting smell but it took me a little to get used to as it smells nice, but unusual compared to the creams I have used before……..

Absolution ‘certified organic body lotion’, £33 for 150 mls-this is an organic French brand and I have to be honest, I also tried their body serum but found the smell quite off putting. This body lotion is wonderful -from the bottle design to its effect on the skin. It’s aimed at hydrating and firming your skin and it contains sesame oil (great for repairing damaged skin i.e. effects of sunbathing, not drinking enough fluids, not eating enough of the right foods etc), apple extract that is rich in antioxidants and omega 3s (apple extract is becoming the ingredient on the lips of many people working in the beauty industry because of it’s fantastic effect on the epidermis) that are wonderful for protecting skin cells  and baobab oil that has anti-aging benefits and makes your skin look smoother. I really like this light to the touch formulation that makes the skin feel almost instantly nurtured.

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