Tried & Tested: foundations for every day from Perricone MD & Liz Earle

Years ago, one of the original London ‘It Girls’ Normandie Keith, a beautiful and very sweet young woman, had her own beauty column in Mail on Sundays ‘You magazine’, which I used to love so much, I never missed one. And she was one of the first to actually write about an American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone and his supplements for the skin. Later he developed a full a skincare range but somehow until recently I haven’t used it-well, I should have listened before because his products are really great.

I am going to rave about only two of his skin care products for now that I have been using in the last two months-a ‘No Foundation Foundation SPF30‘ and his hypoallergenic ‘Nourishing Moisturiser’.

Nourishing moisturiser is great for this time of the year, because it nourishes our skin,foundations prevents it from becoming too dry and yet doesn’t let it become greasy. It contains an ingredient called ‘olive polyphenol’which is essentially a rare extract of Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruit and Oleuropein from olive leaf, which combined create a perfect anti-ageing therapy for skin, particularly sensitive one. This gentle moisturiser not only hydrates your skin but also helps the skin to repair itself, thus helping it look firm and toned. I also noted that if used in the morning, before make-up application, it also acts as a primer and keeps the make up in place for longer.

Now to my hero everyday product, the ‘No Foundation Foundation’. I can actually confess that I am completely and utterly in love with it. It is oil-free, it provides you with non-chemical high SPF (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide), it corrects the undertones that we all have in our skin, it gives a beautiful, dewy and translucent coverage (you don’t get a feeling that something sits on top of your face i.e. it feels like your own skin), it boosts skin’s moisture levels, it has anti-ageing benefits ( thanks to the presence of alpha lipoic acid) plus it helps firm the skin as it contains specially treated pigments, blended with light diffusing mica that soften the lines, wrinkles or pores. When I apply it to my face it sinks in and my skin almost instantly looks healthier and brighter, but naturally-you know when you look polished and well groomed? If that appeals to you, than this foundation will become your bathroom cabinet stable! One word on the only shade this product comes in though-if you have very light, porcelain like skin, I would say that it will look dark on you, other than that, it works well on any skin, even if you have a suntan, unless it’s too dark. Some of my girlfriends also said that this product has a strong, distinct medicinal smell but smell is a personal thing so I can’t make that decision for you .)

Now, to another brand that I really like-Liz Earle. I, like many women, love her Cleanse & Polish, yet have to be honest and say that for whatever reason her other products (apart from the toner) in the face skincare range just don’t work for me ( I adore Liz Earle haircare products and her foot scrub and foot cream are hard to beat too !). Anyway, now that the little confession is off my chest, I can say that I think that her first foundation, well, the product is actually called ‘Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15’ ( it comes in three shades and I use beige 02/medium skin tones on my skin) is wonderfully fantastic. It comes in a black sleek tube and is a joy to use if you want to achieve a naturally beautiful looking complexion. This tint does have a rich & creamy formula, so is perfect for autumn and winter, in my opinion. You can apply it with your fingers on your cheeks, chin, nose and maybe a little bit on the forehead and then you can decide if it looks just right or you want to add a little more, pressing it in with you fingertips, lightly, in your skin, where needed for additional coverage as explained by one of the brand’s serene looking consultants.

Liz Earle’s skin tint has mineral UV protection, which essentially sits on top of your skin and reflects, rather than absorbs harmful UVA and UVB rays (the little booklet inside the packaging does state though that ‘make-up with SPF benefits should never be used as a replacement for sunscreen‘-it made me sit up and notice because until I read this, I thought that it was enough and no extra sun protection was needed, so something for your mind rolodex !!!) This skin tint also contains a blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado oils that are very nourishing  for our skin. If you compare this tint with the above foundation, my observation is that the tint offers a slightly more reflective coverage, while the No Foundation Foundation blends in so well, you can hardly tell that you have it on your skin, other than your skin looks very healthy.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 £45 for 30 mls

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15 £21 for 40 mls 

p.s my advice, if you decide to order Perricone MD products, is to order from his site directly, rather than any other stockist, as they always enclose generously sized samples and if you subscribe to their site, you will receive very good promotions and deals, which is great if you want to stock up on presents for your girlfriends or yourself.

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