Tummy bugs: tried & tested advice

Autumn is such a misleading season-on the one hand you get a wonderful variety of crops ( just looking at the pumpkin fields instantly lifts my mood ) and beautiful foliage and colors, but on the other hand, it signals the change in weather, so most of us succumb to all kinds of bugs and colds, with many more on the horizon until the gentle arrival of spring.

Last week saw the rise in the cases of notorious tummy bugs, bringing with it sleepless nights and children’s misery, so I though I will put together a little list of things that work for my family time and time again. Hope you find it equally helpful!


-The most obvious: wash your hands. Not every five seconds, but after cooking, cleaning, touching animals, being outside or coming back home from work, school or playdates. Use a good soap and teach your kids that hygiene is very important if they don’t want to have bugs in their tummies. That becomes doubly important if someone in the family actually gets a tummy bug.  

-If you or your child do get the misfortune of geting a tummy bug then the following remedies get my vote:

1. Dioralyte in whatever flavour your or your little one prefers. It helps with replacing essential body water, vitamins and salts that get lost due to vomiting and diarrhoea. Children in particular can become dehydrated very quickly, so make sure that they actually drink something to replenish the essential body fluids.  

2. A Russian paste like gel called Enterosgel, which helps to shift all the bugs and toxins out of your system quicker. If you can’t get your hands on a tube, try Charcoal tablets or Alka Seltzer ( for adults only, not children ) which serve the same purpose and are very effective.

3. A good probiotic to replace the good bacteria that gets lost, once your tummy starts to settle. There are good ones for both adults and children that can be bought at your local chemist or from my favorite online health store Victoria Health ( see the link below ). For children ABD Dophilus from Solgar gets my vote, as well ‘Enterogermina’ probiotic from Italy or Lactibiane from France, if you can source it. For adults Mega Probiotic-ND does wonders for not only restoring the good bacteria in your stomach but also easing bloating or cramps.


4. Homeopathic remedies Nux Vomica and Arsenicum ( as recommended by my wonderful homeopath Kay Wesley, www.kaywesley.com )

-For grown-ups only, drinking Coca-Cola ( and that comes from someone who prefers to drink water or juice rather than this drink ) helps to settle your stomach sometimes much quicker than many traditional remedies or medicines.

-Chamomile tea and peppermint tea help to sooth and settle the stomach and aide digestion.

-Sticking to bland diet of rice, boiled eggs, white toast and boiled chicken for a few days, until your stomach starts to settle. For children, rice cakes work well, as well as bananas.

-Adding a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to every glass of water that you drink. It helps to kill the bad bacteria in you stomach, as well as balances your PH levels and boosts your immunity defences.

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